USA Today Laments Pro-Life Bill Might Protect Down Syndrome Babies

USA Today ran an editorial about H.R. 1797, the pro-life bill that bans abortion after 20 weeks. In it, they acknowledged that something should be done to the Kermit Gosnells out there, but that this bill would do nothing to prevent those types of tragedies from happening. In fact, they argue, the bill would likely make those atrocities more prevalent. And not only that, what if a baby has Down syndrome or some other defect? Many times, those things aren’t able to be detected before 20 weeks, and Read more […]

Scientific Reason Why Guns Can’t be Banned

There’s new scientific research that explains why humans are adept at fighting. We evolved that way: “Why are our hands the shape that they are? Compared with those of other apes, the thumb is longer and the palms and fingers are short. . . . Researchers at the University of Utah have another suggestion: The hand is the shape that it is because it allows us to make a nice fist for fighting that protects key parts of the hand from harm.” Did you notice that the article describes humans as Read more […]