A Majority of Americans Not Comfortable with the Moral Direction of Their Country

Not just Republicans but half of minorities and even more women think the moral direction that the United States has traveled is wrong. I have already mentioned David French’s report at the National Review of how a majority of Americans think that what is happening to the country since the Supreme Court invented same sex “marriage” has moved us in the wrong moral direction. It is notable that even the Washington Post is admitting to this fact: “Liberals have won a series of victories Read more […]

Is the Tea Party In Trouble For Caring About Social Issues?

Is the Tea Party in trouble because it has departed from economic issues and embraced social issues? That’s what Michael Turner argues at the National Review. I think Turner cites information that should concern us all as we think about strategy and goals, but I also think he’s not considering all the relevant facts. Ultimately, his story is false. While he tells a tale of the Tea Party drifting from its core principles, it is actually Leftists who changed their strategy and started using Read more […]

Bad News from Evangelical Christianity

A recent poll conducted among 1500 adults confirms what we have long suspected: even Evangelical Christians support statism. The polling group—Public Religion Research Institute—determined that social issues, like abortion, are proving to be less important to Evangelical voters when compared with economic issues like unemployment. Apparently the economy trumps infanticide even among those who have been historically pro-life. This shouldn’t come as too great of a surprise to any readers of Read more […]