Only Big Government Makes Increased Longevity into Bad News

Because human longevity is improving in the United States, the Social Security Trust Fund is going to run out of money sooner than expected. Why should it be a financial and economic disaster for the United States that people are living longer? One word: pensions.  Our nation’s pension is known as “Social Security.” CNBC reports, “Social Security’s in worse shape than you thought: Study.” The Social Security Administration projects that its trust funds will be depleted by 2033—not Read more […]

Not Speaking English is a Social Security Disability?

Over two hundred Puerto Ricans were granted Social Security disability status because they claimed they could not speak English. I missed this story last week, but it deserves some outrage even at this late date. The Washington Post reports that the Social Security Administration has realized that it makes no sense to grant “disability” status to Puerto Ricans: “Puerto Ricans who can’t speak English qualify as disabled for Social Security.” Hundreds of Puerto Rico’s residents qualified Read more […]

The Moronic Superstition of Government Compassion

We have created government welfare state, on the grounds that this is identical to government compassion. I have argued that it is the opposite. We have set up a perverse system that spreads poverty so that, what starts as a relatively small social problem of some who are in need, becomes a massive tidal wave of spreading poverty until the system can no longer support so many people and collapses. I have already posted a great picture that illustrates the nature of what is happening. One Read more […]

Politics As Safe-Haven For Fraud: Barack Obama Is Free But Kevin Trudeau Is In Prison For Lying

I’m not a fan of Kevin Trudeau, but I don’t want him in prison for ten years. Barack Obama, I would like to see in prison for a number of reasons. Murdering Americans would be a start. Violating the fourth amendment with the NSA would be another. Making himself a legislature of one is treason. He also told lies that did far more harm to people in the United States and all over the world. “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.” He is still lying to promote Obamacare. Read more […]

Another Extremist Discrediting Social Security? No, The CBO Director Is Sounding the Alarm

As you are probably aware, many conservatives have warned about the impending bankruptcy of Social Security. We’ve reported on it here, more than once. Conservatives are regularly ridiculed for pointing out the insolvency of Social Security. I remember Harry Reid claiming that anyone who doubts the sustainability of Social Security must be a radical. Well, now the Congressional Budget Office is finally hinting at the truth. From CNS News: The United States faces “fundamental fiscal challenges” Read more […]

Force Obama and His Family to Join ObamaCare

Why wouldn’t President Obama and his family want to sign up for ObamaCare and be on the program for the rest of their lives? The program carries his name. They should be honored to have such a prestigious program named after their family name, and they should be the first people to tell the world that they’ve signed up for ObamaCare. President Obama and Michelle, with their daughters in tow, should come out before the watching world, sit down with all the forms that are required to be filled Read more […]

Amnesty Will Make Social Security Worse

Over the next 75 years the Social Security “program is scheduled to pay out $134 trillion more in benefits than it will collect in tax revenue, according to agency data.” But long before then, Social Security will be sucking wind, and worse, sucking money out of our paychecks with ever diminishing returns because of Quantitative Easting, that is, inflation (government theft). Liberals claim that amnesty will help the flow of new capital that will bail out the system. The argument goes that Read more […]

Democrats and Republicans Are Screwing Us Big Time (But You Knew That)

Our elected officials believe they are special — Democrats and Republicans alike. The laws they pass aren’t meant for them. They view themselves as superior to voters in every way. They drink at the well where Plato’s Philosopher Kings drink. Both parties must maintain the power status quo at all cost — our cost. Everybody knows that furloughing air traffic controllers is a political move by the Obama Administration. There are thousands of places where fat could be cut from government spending Read more […]

Gov. John Kasich Betrays the People Who Put Him in Office

On Monday, Ohio Gov. John Kasich announced he will expand the state’s Medicaid program with federal dollars. Conservatives are ticked off. It was conservatives that got Kasich elected. They hoped he would reject Obamacare. Their hope was misplaced. Where does Gov. Kasich think the federal dollars are going to come from? If the money comes from other states, then where will the money for the other states come from when governors take a similar position? Somebody’s going to have to pay. There Read more […]

What Most Americans Don’t Know About Taxes

I read USA Today because it gives me a quick rundown on popular news. Every so often I find a story that surprises me. Rarely do I agree with its Founder, Al Neuharth. But in his Plain Talk article of February 1, 2013, his article on “How income tax has changed in 100 years” caught my attention: “If you’re getting ready to file your income tax return, you should be interested to know that what you’re doing started 100 years ago. But what a difference that century has made! Examples: “When Read more […]

American Socialism Working – 1 in 4 Kids on Food Stamps

Around 1900, progressive socialists laid out a plan to convert America into a socialist nation.  There were three key factors that they knew they had to overcome and they also knew that it would take at least 100 years slowly overcome them. First, America was a strong Christian nation and no Christian nation could ever accept socialistic ideas or forms of government.  That meant they had to actively work on undermining the strong Christian influence in the American people.  Part of that plan Read more […]

13 Tax Increases Just Went Into Effect – Obama: “I Won’t Raise Taxes on Middle Class America”

If I had $100 for every time I heard Barack Obama promise us that he would not raise taxes on middle class Americans, I could afford to take my family on a Hawaiian vacation. Between the fiscal cliff resolution which wasn’t a resolution after all, and Obamacare, there are 13 new tax increases that will directly or indirectly impact everyone in America, including the middle and poverty class people. Taxes with a direct impact on the middle and poverty class: 1.  Right off the bat, the Read more […]