Bernie Sanders and the Truth about Socialism in Denmark

The Democratic Presidential Debate was the setting for an exchange between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders that made them both appear like they don’t have their facts straight.  According to The National Review, Hillary lectured Mr. Sanders that the United States is not Denmark, and Sanders went on to enthusiastically endorse Denmark as an economic model for the US. So, why was this exchange so wrong?  Apparently Mr. Sanders hasn’t kept up on what is happening in Denmark.  The once socialist Read more […]

Pope Stumps for Environment, Using Poor as the Excuse

I tried to like this pope when he was selected. I think most of the world wanted to love or at least respect him. But his American tour has shown beyond any doubt that instead of a man of God, he is a man of the Left. And while he uses the poor continually as a prop in his speeches, a la “do this because the poor are suffering,” he is pushing the same tired leftist rhetoric about economic equality, social justice and environmental welfare that you can get from your run-of-the-mill Marxist college Read more […]

Stumped by Difference Between Socialists, Democrats

One of the more interesting presidential candidacies this election is that of Bernie Sanders. As an avowed and proud socialist, Bernie is the brazen epitome of what many Democrats have spent a lifetime denying. The party of Progressivism, Democrats in recent generations have been gun shy about proclaiming their real views, although very occasionally one in high office will slip and admit a fondness for Mao, Stalin or some such. The shyness of many modern Democrats is a far cry from the chest-thumping Read more […]

College Professor Doubles Down on Christian Hatred

Rutgers University Professor Brittney Cooper is not the sort of person you want your children having as a teacher. That much is clear. Lately, she’s making quite an infamous name for herself because of her Holy Week essay titled “The Right’s Made-Up God: How Bigots Invented a White Supremacist Jesus.” As with so many on the Left, Cooper is irony impaired and goes about spewing bile about whites, particularly white males, conservative Christians, the Bible and God, all while calling herself Read more […]

Aussies Take First Step to Fighting Global Warmers’ Agenda

While other countries’ governments are gleefully talking about “fighting” nonexistent global warming, Australians are lucky to have a new government that is instead fighting the global warming agenda. Anyone with any deductive reasoning capability who has paid attention to the global warming issue knows that the purpose has never been to “fix” the climate, which is controlled by myriad factors working in unison. Rather, by controlling carbon output,  the warm-mongers have sought to control Read more […]

Americans Hate Obamacare But Love Affordable Care Act

There are more and more videos coming out that show just how ill-informed or stupid the American people have become.  I’ve seen video interviews with people who want to grant President Obama immunity from all crimes he’s committed while in office, past, present and future to approving of 4th trimester abortions.  During the elections a year ago, people interviewed believed that Paul Ryan was black and running as Obama’s VP candidate and others had no idea who was who or what they stood for, Read more […]

Socialist Jim Wallis Says Government Shutdown Goes Against the Bible

Jim Wallis says a shutdown of the government is unbiblical. Of course, the entire government has not shut down. Wallis, like so many liberals, has to exaggerate (lie?) in order to advance his agenda. Shutting down entire agencies of our present government wouldn’t be unbiblical since many (most?) are unconstitutional. This means that any elected official who advocates and votes for legislative powers not granted by the Constitution is acting in an unbiblical way. He is violating his oath that Read more […]

Lawmaker Says Enrolling In Obamacare Is Like Addiction To Crack Cocaine

Socialism 101 teaches that a socialist government must get as many citizens dependent upon the government as possible.  Do away with all private charity, especially church based ones.  Undermine parental authority and brainwash kids in school to think of the government as their lord and benefactor.  Eliminate the free market system and replace it with a system controlled by the government.  Strip the citizens of their firearms and convince them that the government will protect them.  Strip their Read more […]

Chicago Gun-Laws So Effective Governor Considering Sending In National Guard To Stop Violence

Chicago has some of the strictest gun-control laws in the nation.  They have their own ban on assault or assault-style weapons or high capacity magazines.  Guns have to be registered and they are now banned from any establishment that serves alcohol.  The city bans the sale of any firearm within city limits.  If a gun is stolen, the owner is required to report the theft immediately or face a fine. On top of this, the state of Illinois requires a Firearm Owner’s Identification (FOID) card Read more […]

New Government Religious Advisor Glad Civil Religion Is Dying

What better way to justify liberal ideology than to place people in a leadership position over a certain aspect of society or government who does not believe in the traditional tenets of that aspect.  For example, if the Pentagon wants to do away with traditional moral values, then what better way than to promote those that share the liberal ideologies to the top rankings so they can make those decisions. Secretary of State John Kerry is doing just that in his formation of the new Office of Faith-Based Read more […]

Federal Government Steals Billions of Dollars of Raisins

Have you ever heard of Marketing Order 989, the Raisin Administrative Committee or the National Raisin Reserve?  If you’re not a raisin producer, the answer is probably no. In 1949, the Raisin Administrative Committee was formed under the Agricultural Agreement Act of 1937.  In 1949, Democrat Harry Truman was President of the United States and both the House and Senate were controlled by the Democrats.  The Congress was still following the liberal progressive agenda of FDR.  Marketing Order Read more […]

In Fight for Your Rights, Know Where They Come From

Now that we’ve all been stabbed in the back yet again by the RINOs in the Senate, I’m becoming more convinced that this gun control fight is going to end in bloodshed. That’s the only way some people will ever understand that Americans won’t willingly surrender themselves to the whims of the state. But more importantly, it is becoming less likely we can avoid bloodshed because some of us who want to defend our gun rights are actually encouraging the would-be dictators. Actions follow words, Read more […]