The Stronger the Family, The Stronger the Economy

Research shows that there is a solid correlation between strong families and strong economies.  A report produced by the American Enterprise Institute posits 4 basic  points showing how family life affects a society’s economic structure. Higher levels of marriage, and especially higher levels of married-parent families, are strongly associated with more economic growth, more economic mobility, less child poverty, and higher median family income at the state level in the United States. When Read more […]

Americans Have Lost Their Self-Reliance

When you look around at American society today, what do you see? I see a nation of people that have lost their self-reliance. When I was growing up in the 1950s (yeah, I’m THAT old!), most people took pride in being self-reliant.  People had jobs and provided for their families.  Regardless of what the job was, most Americans took pride in their work and they were proud to be the head of the household. Since that time, our sense of pride has diminished and along with it our self-reliance.  Read more […]