Russia’s Gays Seeking Asylum In US

It’s bad enough that gay rights and homosexuality is being taught to kids as young as kindergarten in the public schools and Christian business owners are being forced to compromise their faith to cater to them.  If you speak out against homosexuality for biblical reasons, you are labeled a homophobe and guilty of hate language, but it’s okay for a gay person to bash straight people and the Bible all they want.   They are seeking preferential treatment, not equality. Just when you thought Read more […]

City of Brotherly Love Goes Too Far with National Masturbation Month Celebration

The name Philadelphia literally means ‘loving – philos and brother- adelphos, or brotherly love.  It seems these days that definition is being taken too far.  Perhaps the name of the city should be Sodom or Gomorrah. As if our nation could not fall any further into sexual debauchery, it seems we have sunk to a new low and ground zero is focusing its attention on the City of Brotherly Love – Philadelphia.  Believe it or not, someone somewhere has managed to declare May to be the National Read more […]

Is the Supreme Court Preparing to Render America’s Death Sentence?

This week the United States Supreme Court is hearing arguments concerning same-sex marriage in Proposition 8, California’s law that bans it. There already are rumors flying around that the court will strike down Proposition 8 and legalize same-sex marriage. Some of the rumors have been prompted by the reports that Chief Justice John Roberts’ cousin is reported to be a lesbian. If in fact the Supreme Court strikes down Proposition 8 and legalizes same-sex marriage, it could be the same as pronouncing Read more […]