Terrence Bean, Democrat Fundraiser, Indicted for Sodomy of Teen

If Terrence Bean was a Republican instead of a Democrat fundraiser, this would be national news 24/7. Here’s a study in media bias. Imagine a man who is: A member of the Republican National Committee A well-known conservative Christian A huge fundraiser for Mitt Romney and a member of his Finance Council His smiling pictures are on the Web cuddling up to every GOP luminary from the Bushes, to McCain, Christie, Rand Paul—including shots on Air Force One A prominent Delegate Read more […]

The Supreme Court Has Been Co-Opted by Public Opinion

Don’t be fooled by the seemingly skeptical questioning about legalizing homosexual marriage by the Supreme Court Justices. Some of them could be setting us up. We heard similar skepticism when ObamaCare came before the court. We might end up with another 5–4 Roberts-led decision. His lesbian cousin might tip it for him. Then there are the polls. “Roughly 49% now say they support gay marriage, with 44% opposed. By contrast, 10 years ago, 58% of Americans opposed gay marriage and just 33% Read more […]

Lessons from Gay Scouting in Canada

David Watkins, a former Boy Scout leader, has been charged with sodomizing a boy under 13 years of age in his troop. The news broke on the same week as the Boys Scouts of America’s (BSA) decision on whether or not to continue their long-standing ban on homosexuals. In the BSA, homosexual child sex abuse happens all too often. There have been over 2,000 cases of abuse. For example, Scout leader Brett Tayler was charged with more than 30 counts of child molestation and exploitation. He is suspected Read more […]