Bill Cosby Goes Racist Nutter on Us

Bill Cosby has joined the “If you criticize President Obama’s Policies you are a racist” crowd. Here’s what he said while sitting on a panel with host Soledad O’Brien and former Republican Congressman Connie Mack of Florida discussing racist attitudes in the 1960s. Cosby said that it’s really not that different today: “To see people sitting down when there are others standing and cheering [the President at his State of the Union address]. I think we have people sitting there who Read more […]

Gays, Boy Scouts, and Ignorant Journalists

The media are in a full court press to get the Boy Scouts to allow homosexual scoutmasters. Some of their arguments are downright idiotic, inconsistent, and show a lack of proper analogy. Trying to compare racial discrimination to sexual behavior is an insult to those who struggled long and hard to obtain full civil rights, and a number of blacks are disturbed with the comparison. The most recent foray into journalistic malfeasance was committed by Soledad O’Brien of CNN. She was interviewing Read more […]

What to Say to a Liberal Who Says “The Rich Can Afford to Pay More in Taxes”

I hate watching talk shows when conservatives are on. Few of them know how to argue well. They’re too concerned about their reputation. They have to come across as “statesmen.” They want the media to like them. That’s never going to happen. I practice all the time on how I would argue a particular topic. Writing four or five articles every day helps to sharpen my rhetorical skills. So how should constitutionalists and other sane people approach some “info-babe,” as Rush Limbaugh Read more […]