Somalia: Another Case of U.S. Arming Terrorists

While trying to send arms to counter-terrorists, the U.S. may be arming terrorists themselves, again! The Wall Street Journal begins its story, “Murky Arms Traffic Plagues Somalia,” with this paragraph: Since leaving Somalia in the 1990s, Musa Haji Mohamed Ganjab has been a landlord and entrepreneur and served as a representative of the Somali government, which the U.S. is backing to fight the jihadist group al-Shabaab. Sadly, the rest of the story is unavailable unless you have a paid Read more […]

To the Pentagon, Congress Does Not Exist: Secret Troops in Somalia Since 2007

No wonder Congress thinks of itself as useless. Their assigned job is to shut up and increase the budget. From Reuters: U.S. military advisors have secretly operated in Somalia since around 2007 and Washington plans to deepen its security assistance to help the country fend off threats by Islamist militant group al Shabaab, U.S. officials said. The comments are the first detailed public acknowledgement of a U.S. military presence in Somalia dating back since the U.S. administration of George Read more […]

Obama Disarms Americans While Arming Our Somalian and Egyptian Enemies

Last year, President Barack Obama began sending arms and fighter jets to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood leadership.  It didn’t seem to matter to him that many in the Muslim Brotherhood, including Egypt’s President Morsi have vowed to seek the destruction of America.  Against the wishes of Congress, Obama ordered the freeing of millions of dollars to Egypt that Congress had frozen because of their terrorist actions. Within days of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Obama began his Read more […]