Blaming North Korea, the First Gruberism of 2015

The Administration is blaming North Korea because it wants an excuse to sanction them. Here is the story from BBC: “Sony cyber-attack: North Korea faces new US sanctions.” President Barack Obama signed an executive order on Friday allowing sanctions on three North Korean organisations and 10 individuals. The White House said the move was a response to North Korea’s “provocative, destabilising, and repressive actions”. US sanctions are already in place over North Korea’s nuclear programme. But Read more […]

Is the White House Telling us the Truth about North Korea?

Did the President and the FBI pull another Gruber on us, in relation to North Korea and the hacking of Sony? The evidence seems to point in that direction, say computer security experts. Looks more like Russians, than North Koreans. Thus, we read in the New York Times, “New Study Adds to Skepticism Among Security Experts That North Korea Was Behind Sony Hack.” A number of private security researchers are increasingly voicing doubts that the hack of Sony‘s computer systems was the work Read more […]

Sony Did Not Make a Mistake

The President’s second-guessing of Sony is highly hypocritical and probably wrong. I have to admit that, for awhile, I actually agreed with Team Obama on this one. Worse, I got corrected by a quotation from Chris Rock of all people! reported, President Obama didn’t mince words today when asked at his end-of-the-year news conference about Sony Pictures: “Yes, I think they made a mistake,” he said of the company’s decision to pull the movie The Interview, reports NBC News. “We Read more […]