The Humiliating Public Loss of Barack Obama

Taking back his “free” community college scheme was a public loss for President Obama. A couple of days ago I asked if the President was happy that he no longer had to worry about the Democrat majority in the Senate. Whether or not he was happy to work alone, he should be having second thoughts now. Maybe. The President’s State of the Union speech made his ideas for taxing college savings in order to pay for “free” tuition at community colleges a central new campaign. Now, days after Read more […]

State of the Union Address Contained Falsehoods

No one will be shocked to learn that President Obama told untruths in the State of the Union address. More than one mainstream media outlet has pointed out to various false statements in Barack Obama’s last State of the Union address. While Obama boasted on giving us a healed economy by his miraculous powers, the Associated Press disagreed that it was going so well: “FACT CHECK: Obama claims credit for an incomplete recovery By many measures, the economy is still recovering from the Read more […]

Obama’s Teleprompter Writer Had an Easy Job

The person who came up with the script for the President’s teleprompter at the State of the Union seems to have rehashed stuff from 2014. Perhaps the reason for the lack of originality in President Obama’s address to the nation is that he knows, like we all do, that nothing he promises really matters. Congress will not go along with his plan to inflict more economic damage on the United States. So why come up with new material. Jack Hunter writes for Rare.Us, As I gathered my thoughts Read more […]

Middle-Class Economics: A New Attack

Middle-class economics is being invoked to plunder the middle class even more. Yesterday morning, the Wall Street Journal reported on President Obama’s State of the Union media event.  In a report that was filled with irony, the article described Mr. Obama’s “middle-class economics.” “At this moment—with a growing economy, shrinking deficits, bustling industry, and booming energy production—we have risen from recession freer to write our own future than any other nation on Earth,” Read more […]

The Lame Duck State of the Union Speech

Don’t be too worried about the bad proposals in Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech. New taxes and other atrocities will undoubtedly be proposed as Obama pretends he is not a lame duck President. But the good news is that he is mostly bluster and no power. The Washington Post gives us hope: Judging by his recent history, it doesn’t really matter what President Obama says in Tuesday’s State of the Union address — Congress is going to ignore him anyway. Mr. Obama has the second-worst Read more […]

The President’s Speech and the Entrepreneurial Spirit

The President should have given a eulogy for the entrepreneurial spirit the government is driving out of this country. Here are numbers you definitely did not hear mentioned during Barack Obama’s “State of the Nation” blathering. Allow me to make some predictions, writing this before the speech occurs. If you listen to the President tonight (or rather, if you listened last night) you can decide how accurate I am. He will extol his personal wisdom—so much beyond that of mere mortals Read more […]

Stop Calling Taxpayer-Funded Daycare “Early Childhood Education.”

As we all know, “early childhood education” is a new buzzword since the State of the Union Address. No, I don’t mean the most recent SOTU speech. I mean the one President Obama gave over a year ago. Barack Obama seems to be stuck on a few familiar ideas that he is never able to implement, but also never able to let go. Like all his favorite proposals, this one involves a lot of spending on the promise that, many years from now, it will all pay off. Supposedly, the earlier our children Read more […]

Obama’s Promise Of “Access” To Education Is Just Another Bailout

Right after his crazy pretense that his wife had “helped bring down childhood obesity rates for the first time in thirty years,” Obama promised, Taking a page from that playbook, the White House just organized a College Opportunity Summit, where already 150 universities, businesses, nonprofits have made concrete commitments to reduce inequality in access to higher education and to help every hardworking kid go to college and succeed when they get to campus. This is like promising credit to Read more […]

Let’s “Fix” Childhood Obesity Because What Could Go Wrong?

As I mentioned yesterday, in order to prove the power of Big Government at his State of the Union message, President Barack Obama threw out the claim, as if it were a proven fact, that Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign had helped to bring about the first decline in childhood obesity in thirty years. This gave us a perfect example of how lovers of Big Government make their case that Big Government is helpful by fabricating successes. But the childhood obesity cause also demonstrates Read more […]

State Of The Union Speech: Did Barack Obama Offer Us Some New Handcuffs To Try On?

From the Associate Press: “Obama vowing to flex presidential powers in speech.” Frustrated by years of partisan gridlock, President Barack Obama is moving to flex his presidential powers during his sixth year in office. He’s starting by using Tuesday night’s State of the Union address to announce executive actions to raise the minimum wage for new federal contracts, help the long-term unemployed find work, and expand job-training programs. Obama’s go-it-alone strategy, with modest steps for Read more […]

The Income Gap Is A Liberal Problem With Only A Tea Party Solution

How will you be able to tell from Barack Obama’s “State of the Union” address whether he is truly interested in reducing the level of unjust “economic inequality” in America? If he uses arguments similar to those of Charles Hugh Smith in this piece, you’ll know he’s aiming for just and real solutions. The issue of income/wealth inequality is finally moving into the mainstream: which is to say, politicos of every ideological stripe now feel obliged to bleat platitudes and express cardboard “concern” Read more […]

Obama’s SOTU Message? “I’m Going Nuclear”

Obama has been quoted as saying that he intends to “bypass Congress.” As Tad Cronn summarized, In case you missed it, Obama this week declared to his Cabinet that if Congress doesn’t do what he wants it to do, he will simply use executive orders to create and enforce any law he chooses. We have yet to see where this is going, precisely. So it will be important to listen closely to tonight’s State Of The Union message because there is reason to believe that this might be something like Palpatine Read more […]