A Reason to Defeat Democrats in 2014: They Want to Tax Energy!

Australia was recently condemned by Al Gore for pulling back from its carbon taxes. Now, the Daily Caller reports that South Korea is showing signs that it may follow Australia’s lead. We can only hope that other nations throw off their shackles. But Democrats in the United States are doubling down. Even with the possibility of losing the Senate they are openly promising to attempt to impose a new tax on the American people after the elections. According to CNS News: Senate Majority Leader Read more […]

Obama Continues to Pick the Losers in a Failing Economy

Compact Power is the name of a manufacturing plant built in Michigan and owned by a South Korean company called LG Chem. The plant was built with $150 million of taxpayer money. They were supposed to build batteries for the Chevy Volt, a vehicle produced by “Government” Motors that has yet to do anything except lose money. The taxpayer funded batteries plant hasn’t even produced 1 battery yet, and now, 2 years after they received the taxpayer money, they’re having to furlough their workers. Read more […]

Team USA Questioned for Winning Big

The USA Men’s Basketball team has been tearing its way through the Olympic competition, as expected. But what wasn’t expected was a controversy over their complete domination of Nigeria on Thursday. The United States crushed the Nigerians 156-73 setting a single game scoring record (previously held by Brazil with 138), and moving the Americans to 3-0 overall. In the post-game press conference, coach Mike Krzyzewski was put on the defensive by accusations of “running up” the score. As usual, Read more […]