Maybe Cheap Oil Means a BETTER Economy and Less Tyranny

The media keeps reporting on cheap oil as if the people living under tyrannies need those governments to prosper. A few days ago there was a good summary of God’s merciful, providential gift of lower energy costs, pointing out that some people think it may go down to twenty dollars a barrell. It was published at But it also included a reference to this story in Fortune. After making some wonderful predictions about cheap energy, the article says: Of course, geopolitical events Read more […]

Europe Leading America… in National Failure

Europe is so wonderfully hip and progressive. They have streamlined public transit systems with high-speed trains …the latest in “free” socialized healthcare …and let’s not forget—no stinkin’ money. With reports rolling in of France ramping up austerity measures, Greece predicted to be bankrupt by August 20, the UK in its worst recession in 50 years, and Italian cities going Sarah Synthia Sylvia Stout ’cause they can’t afford to have their trash thrown out, it looks like the European Read more […]