Judge: Flashing Lights To Warn Other Drivers Is Protected Free Speech

We can only hope this judge’s decision will affect all the states in the union so that police can no longer persecute people for helping out their fellow drivers. Back in November 2012, a man who had not had a moving violation in 35 years, Michael Elli, was pulled over and ticketed. He was caught flashing his headlights to warn oncoming drivers that they were heading into a police radar trap. The judge told him the typical fine for such an “offense” was a thousand dollars. Elli did not Read more […]

Free Speech V. Police State: Man Arrested For Sign Warning Of Speed Trap

Everyone knows that, if the police or the governments that hired police cared about safety and believed that keeping drivers from speeding would make them safer, the police would make their presence known and be as visible as possible. But that’s not what police do. This isn’t the fault of the officers, necessarily. Their bosses would probably fire them if they attempted to actually encourage the safety in motorists in this way. Instead, the police hide out in places where they think Read more […]