Free Speech V. Police State: Man Arrested For Sign Warning Of Speed Trap

Everyone knows that, if the police or the governments that hired police cared about safety and believed that keeping drivers from speeding would make them safer, the police would make their presence known and be as visible as possible. But that’s not what police do. This isn’t the fault of the officers, necessarily. Their bosses would probably fire them if they attempted to actually encourage the safety in motorists in this way. Instead, the police hide out in places where they think Read more […]

A Fine Proposal, Part 2

Last time, I talked about how we should abolish all citations and fines for moving/traffic violations. Even if you agree with me, you may be wondering, “Yeah, but how are we supposed to accomplish that?” It does often seem like we all must helplessly accept whatever the civil government decides to shove down our throats. (How about another steaming helping of ObamaCare? Anyone? Bueller?) But in this case, I think there is a very slim possibility we can effectively end fines for traffic violations. Read more […]

A Fine Proposal

I have a wonderful idea. Let’s abolish all fines paid to the civil government for traffic violations. Every one of them. Speeding tickets, parking tickets, DUIs. You name it. I want them all abolished. Why? Because they are illogical, ineffective, and immoral. Why are they illogical? For one, why should you pay the civil government money for breaking a law. This makes no sense. If I have damaged someone’s life or property, by all means the civil government should require me to pay for what Read more […]