Rand Paul Stands Against Increasing the Debt Ceiling

For six years we Republicans have griped about what Obama has done to the national debt, so why are we helping him borrow more? The truth is the sequester was barely a reduction of spending. What we needed and still need at the very least is a spending freeze. We should be talking about reducing the budget, eventually. But a spending freeze would at least be a step in the right direction. Where are the fiscal conservatives who were elected by the Tea Party Republicans?  Where is Ted Cruz on Read more […]

Obamacare Delay Will Cost $12 Billion

Sometimes liberals pretend to care about how much things will cost taxpayers. Recently, the CBO reported that the 20-week abortion ban would increase government spending by as much as $400 million because of all the additional people being born that would have otherwise been aborted in utero. If we can keep the population down to a “reasonable” level, government spending will also be reduced. “How can a ‘fiscal conservative’ be against that?” Democrats might have asked. Compared to Read more […]

Democrats’ Trouble With Numbers

It would be funny if it weren’t so sad, but Rep. Maxine Waters, a ranking member of the California Congressional Brain Trust, said that the sequester cuts would cost Americans 170 million jobs. Considering there are only 134 million people working in the United States, that would be an impressive feat. Waters, by the way, is the ranking Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee, which deals with banking, insurance, real estate and securities. If the Democrats were to regain the House, Read more […]

Treasury Secretary Geithner Spent Record $13 Trillion Over His Tenure

As the U.S. Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner wields a considerable amount of influence over government financial matters. He’s the equivalent to the Minister of Finance in other countries. On the Treasury’s website, it outlines some of the Secretary’s key roles in government:  “The Secretary of the Treasury is the principal economic advisor to the President and plays a critical role in policy-making by bringing an economic and government financial policy perspective to issues facing the Read more […]

Senate: Balancing Spending Is Myopic

As we all have been told, we are facing a “fiscal cliff.” This is a mis-named event. The fiscal cliff, when it hits, will not be preventable. In fact, what is now being called “the fiscal cliff” is actually the most fiscally responsible possibility ahead of us. Everything being discussed in Congress is a promise of a worse fiscal cliff ahead. So, realizing we need to reduce the debt, and thus end the deficit by balancing the budget, you would think that some Senators might have gotten Read more […]

Village Voice Forced to Give Up Child Prostitution Ad Revenue

A recent article in The Hill reported that the Senate passed a resolution to force the Village Voice to take down its “adult entertainment” classifieds section. According to the resolution, the section is often used to promote child sex trafficking. The Senate condemned the Village Voice for being so concerned about money that it had lost its moral compass. Something had to be done to protect the children, so the Senate stepped in. And then I scrolled down to the comments. The top comment Read more […]

Obama’s Sandy Relief Bill Filled With Pork Barrel Projects

President Obama is requesting $60.4 billion in disaster relief for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. If you’re opposed to disaster relief funding, then that means you want disaster victims to continue to suffer as much as possible. Conservative representatives in Congress would only vote against such legislation because they’re cold and heartless individuals. This is generally what liberals and big government Republicans think of those who are not in favor of the federal government giving handouts Read more […]

Economic Lies Used to Manipulate, Discourage, And End Democracy

Here is the insanity: “As State Budgets Rebound, Federal Cuts Could Pose Danger.” “After years of budget cuts and sluggish recovery, states expect to see their revenues climb back to prerecession levels this year for the first time since the financial crisis hit. But even as some states hope to restore some of the deep spending cuts they have made, they face a new threat.” When I read such brain-cramping nonsense, I can only think of the Nazi mastermind Joseph Goebbels who said of England Read more […]

DHS: Sno-Cone Machines Are Counter-Terrorism Measures

As a member of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Senator Tom Coburn has been exposing massive waste in the defense department. In a recent report, he focused on the Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) grants given to cities by Homeland Security. In his report, he wrote:  “If in the days after 9/11 lawmakers were able to cast their gaze forward ten years, I imagine they would be surprised to see how a counter-terrorism initiative aimed at protecting our largest cities Read more […]

Obama’s Plan Has More Spending Than Spending Cuts

John Boehner said that he was “flabbergasted” when Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner presented him the President’s budget deal that actually included more spending than spending cuts. Boehner told Chris Wallace on Fox News:  “The president is asking for $1.6 trillion worth of new revenue [higher taxes on the wealthy] over 10 years, twice as much as he has been asking for in public. He has stimulus spending in here that exceeded the amount of new cuts that he was willing to consider. It was Read more […]

Obamacare Is Just Another Solyndra

When Conservatives think of “socialized medicine” they tend of think of wishful thinking, good intentions gone bad. I’ve been told more than once that if you’re young and don’t find socialism attractive you don’t have a heart, but if you’re old and find socialism attractive you don’t have a head. But what we need to realize is that if you are old and want socialism it is probably because you don’t have a heart but do have a head for figuring out how to buy friends and influence Read more […]

The Obama Economy Starts to Show Again

Thanks to massive QE to infinity on the part of Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve (i.e. virtual money printing), the Stock Market was propped up a bit up until the election. Almost certainly many were hoping for a Romney win and thought he would be better for the economy. But now that the election is over, the truth is coming out. The euphoria is gone. The election is over and we are no longer distracted from looking at how bad the economy still is. Reuters just reported last night that Energizer Read more […]