The De-Christianization of Bakers and Coaches in America

The attacks on religious freedom are accelerating in America. You may have heard the latest on the Oregon bakers, fined $135,000.00 for declining the invitation to bake a “wedding cake” for two daughters of Sodom; who then complained they were discriminated against. Now the pagan State of Oregon is poised to evict them from their home, steal it from them and then give that $135,000.00 directly to the two daughters of Sodom. The new judicial standard seems to be that if you don’t believe the Read more […]

Many High School Athletes Can’t Pronounce “Eligibility”

In Texas, last year’s 5A High School Football Championship was won by a majority minority populated school with an “academically unacceptable” school ranking. Apparently “no pass, no play” has become a myth in our public education system and now athletic eligibility guidelines have been all but gutted to protect failing minority student participation in extracurricular activities. The 2011 Texas High School Football Champions were students at DeKaney High School which is located in the Read more […]

NASCAR’s Taxpayer-Supported Ads

This week, NASCAR and other professional sports have been making their cases for keeping public money rolling into their accounts. For years, the U.S. Military has been spending large sums, up to $100 million a year, to professional sports for advertising to aid in publicity and recruitment efforts. While the NFL, NBA, and Major League Baseball have benefitted from this money, NASCAR has apparently received the lion’s share. Georgia Republican Representative Jack Kingston, who is leading the charge, Read more […]