Regime Tool Meredith Vieira Lies about Women’s Pay

Meredith Vieira ambushed Stacey Dash with misleading statistics; media covers for her. Awhile back Meredith Vieira was a host on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.” In that game, the contestant had to know the answers to questions. But if he didn’t know the answer, he had some options. One was a limited number of “lifelines” where he could call somebody and get their input. But when you are a Republican celebrity on the Meredith Vieira show, you don’t get that luxury. And if she brings Read more […]

George Clooney says the Freedoms in the First Amendment are ‘Unfortunate’

George Clooney is still following the “film made them do it” narrative. The following is from Newsbusters: “Freedom of speech means you have to allow idiots to speak, and that’s the unfortunate thing,” Clooney said. When he saw the video that is said to denigrate Muhammad, Clooney stated that him angry, and he’s not a Muslim. “It made me mad for the quality of film that it was, more than anything. But the simple truth is that in order to make [democracy] work, the idiots get to have Read more […]