Less Dependence on Standardized Tests in Public Schools Obama Says

One of my chief complaints as a parent about the public schools my children have attended is that the teachers spend too much time “teaching to the tests.”  By tests, I am referring to the various standardized tests that are required in our state.  Here, we have a state assessment test for elementary grades through eighth grade. I would attend school meetings in which the principals would insist  that the teachers were not teaching to the test.  Then, when the kids would go to class, they would Read more […]

“Education” – Clarence Thomas and the KKK on Same Team

An AP Test Guide teaches children that correct political analysis teams up Clarence Thomas and the KKK. Did you know that the Ku Klux Klan and Clarence Thomas hold the same political position on the left-right scale? A Barron’s test preparation book for the AP European history exam teaches student that Clarence Thomas and the KKK belong in the same group based on comparison to the spectrum of political positions that existed at the time of the French Revolution. The Daily Caller posted Read more […]

Standardized Tests: Proof We Are Ruled By A Culture Of Psychotic Torturers

I just caught up with this piece in the Washington Post. It is beyond maddening. Andrea Rediske’s 11-year-old son Ethan, is dying. Last year, Ethan, who was born with brain damage, has cerebral palsy and is blind, was forced to take a version of the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test over the space of two weeks last year because the state of Florida required that every student take one. His mom has to prove that Ethan, now in a morphine coma, is in no condition to take another test this year. Ethan Read more […]