Taking Muck-Raking Journalism to New Low

When we talk about muck-raking journalism, we usually use the term as a metaphor! CBS News got a lot closer to literal. So… a Texas city councilman forgot to turn his microphone off when he stepped away to go to the restroom, and CBS News thought it “newsworthy” enough to post an article about it, with a video and audio of the event. (I will not post a link!) I have been asked what political party the councilman belonged to. Personally, I don’t care what label he wears… the only one that Read more […]

Patriotism – Something to Think About

Most Americans today would call themselves patriots.  Would you? But what does that mean…to be an American…to be a patriot?  What is the basis for your self-description as a patriotic American?  This is something to think about! Words matter. Definitions matter.  How you perceive yourself matters.  Is our education system producing people who know how to think, or is it producing people who are told what to think?  What impact would each of these techniques have on an individual’s Read more […]

Military Leadership Endangers Men And Fit Women Marines

Why do I say “fit women”? Because the men in the Marines are all required to uphold the same level of fitness. But that is not true of women. CNS News: Females in the Marine Corps will not have to meet the physical fitness standard—set to go into effect as of January–of being able to do at least three pull-ups, the Corps quietly announced on social media. Unlike their female counterparts, male Marines have long been required to do at least 3 pullups. The Marines have postponed the Read more […]

Caught in the “Conservative” Trap?

Are You a Conservative? Do you consider yourself a liberal? If you find yourself using either of these terms when discussing your political worldview, you may have fallen into a trap. Let me explain. When the President or any elected or appointed official takes his oath of office, he invokes the wrath of God against him if he acts unfaithfully to that oath. This is a serious thing and so a specific standard is pronounced and declared. The oath taken declares an allegiance to … the Constitution Read more […]