Was Shaquille O’Neal Guilty of Racial Stereotyping?

Shaquille O’Neal claimed that black people don’t drink coffee and he was wrong. Does that mean he was prejudiced? Shaquille O’Neal has made a lot of income from his past glories on the basketball court. But he passed up one deal because he thought he could generalize about black people from his own experience. Fox News reports, Sports reporter Graham Bensinger sat down with O’Neal in a recent interview to discuss his various businesses ventures. During the segment for “In Depth with Graham Read more […]

Race Together – Starbucks Gets Beaten Back via Twitter

A Starbucks Senior Executive found his politically correct Race Together campaign was silly; twitter let him know. If you think “race” is invoked for non-racial reasons all too often in this country, then the Starbucks campaign can only irritate you. And if you think there are deep racial problems in this country, then the Starbucks campaign can still only irritate you. And if you are a Barista being ordered to write “race together” on Starbucks cups, then the campaign can only irritate Read more […]

Starbucks Shareholders Giving Employees Free Tuition

I applaud Howard Schultz—he is free to do what he wants with his own money… Of course, he doesn’t actually own Starbucks, so it’s not his money, but why quibble, right? As long as his shareholders back him, more power to him. And if they leave him free to practice his economic insanity, then they are backing him. It’s very similar to the Republicans in Congress who talk a good game about the lawlessness of Eric Holder and Barack Obama, but demonstrate by their inaction that, in reality, Read more […]

You Don’t Need Permission from the State to Carry a Gun

When will America wise up about guns? They are not scary. They are a tool – like a hammer or a saw. You’ve heard the saying, the right tool for the right job. You wouldn’t use a gun to hammer a nail into a board, and you wouldn’t use a hammer to hunt or defend yourself. You could try, but I’d rather not get that close to that which I’m hunting or an attacker and I’ve been trained. Over the years more and more citizens have been conditioned to think guns are scary. Thus the “Gun Read more […]

Starbucks Backpedals On Allowing Gun-Carrying Customers

Starbucks apparently didn’t appreciate “Starbucks Appreciation Day,” where open gun-carrying customers would come in to their local Starbucks to support the coffee purveyor for their alleged support for the 2nd Amendment. In Newtown, Connecticut, the Starbucks there actually closed down the day that a Starbucks Appreciation Day event was planned, because the company thought that all the gun-toting coffee-imbibers would make all the unarmed customers uncomfortable. Now, Starbucks is making Read more […]

Starbucks Wrong! United They Stand—Against Us

How cute. Starbucks is doing its part to “avert” the fiscal cliff. “Starbucks is using its coffee cups to jump into the political fray in Washington. The world’s biggest coffee chain is asking employees at cafes in the Washington, D.C., area to scribble the words “Come Together” on cups for drink orders on Thursday and Friday. CEO Howard Schultz says the words are intended as a message to lawmakers about the damage being caused by the divisive negotiations over the ‘fiscal cliff.’ It’s Read more […]

Rich People (Many of them Obama Supporters) Avoiding High Taxes

The Google Culture is a big supporter of the Obama Culture except when it comes to taxes. According to a report, “Google Inc. (GOOG) avoided about $2 billion in worldwide income taxes in 2011 by shifting $9.8 billion in revenues into a Bermuda shell company, almost double the total from three years before, filings show.” Google isn’t the only left-leaning American company working hard to avoid taxes. “At a hearing last month in the U.K., members of Parliament pressed executives from Google, Read more […]