U.S. Plans to Evict Syrian President and Dissolve Parliament because Democracy

This is so brazen even I am surprised. AP reports, “US sees Assad staying in Syria until March 2017.” The Obama administration has a vision for Syrian leader Bashar Assad’s departure. Even if it works, the president won’t be around to see the plan through. An internal U.S. timeline for a best-case Syrian political transition, obtained by The Associated Press, sets a date of March 2017 for Assad to “relinquish” his position as president and for his “inner circle” to depart. That is two months after Read more […]

No ISIS Genocide of Christians according to the State Department

Nina Shea, the director of Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom, writes in the National Review: A report by a renowned journalist states that Christians are to be excluded from an impending official United States government declaration of ISIS genocide. If true, it would reflect a familiar pattern within the administration of a politically correct bias that views Christians — even non-Western congregations such as those in Iraq and Syria — never as victims but always as Inquisition-style Read more […]

U.S. State Department Using Funds to Start LGBT Network in India

Because “American exceptionalism” means our government has a global mission to spread LGBT acceptance in other countries. The State Department has already made a major push to force homosexual “rights” and same-sex “marriage” on nations all over the world. Now they are using funds to “stimulate” (my term) LGBT activism in India. CNS News reports, “State Dept to Spend $49,083 to Create a Network to Support the LGBT Community in India.” The State Department is planning to spend Read more […]

Journalist Asks the Right Question: Did the Federal Government Support ISIS?

How could anyone following the news over the last few years claim the government did not support ISIS? Of course they have to call it ISIL, and then speak the letters rather than simply pronouncing it as a name: I – S – I – L. But it is great to see a government bureaucrat start to squirm. This video is, as far as I can tell, floating around without any written commentary. The reference to Bashar al-Assad’s “lack of legitimacy” is insane. The main reason for his “lack of legitimacy” Read more […]

Guess Why the State Department Is Behind in Releasing the Clinton Emails

The judge had ordered more of the Hillary Clinton emails to be released by now, but for once the State Department has a reasonable excuse. The judge had ordered fifteen percent of the Clinton emails to be released. These emails, as you probably know, were sent on her private server and private account, which is illegal. It looks like there may be a criminal investigation. The State Department has been forced to explain why only twelve percent of the Clinton emails have been released. Their Read more […]

State Department Refuses Help to Christians because They Are Christians

They are not worth helping even though the State Department has used tax funds to help others, including possibly ISIS members. We often posted about how terrorists sponsored and “stimulated” by State Department and Pentagon policy have persecuted Christians. But Barack Obama and others in our pagan Federal Government are absolutely committed to pretending there is no religious persecution where Christians are the target. The President would rather talk about outliers like the Army of the Read more […]

There Are More Reports of a Clinton Obama War

New York Post claims Obama’s Chief of Staff started email scandal as part of Clinton Obama War. I’d love to say this is confirming proof of my suspicion that the Clinton email scandal was started by the Obama White House. It seems obvious but that’s not the same as saying that there is proof. A week ago I responded to Ted Cruz’s claim that the prosecution of Bob Menendez was politically motivated. Cruz claimed that Menendez’s challenge to the Obama Administration on the issue Read more […]

Ambassador Fired for Private Email Account

An Ambassador fired by Hillary Clinton’s Chief of Staff says he was punished for using a private email account. New facets of Hillary Clinton’s secret email life as Secretary of State keep coming to light. After her own account was revealed it was reported that at least two of her staff also had private email accounts. Then, when the State Department asked what they had actually been doing when given FOIA requests for emails they were supposed to have, but didn’t actually possess, they Read more […]

Hillary Clinton State Department Aides Both Used Private Emails

At the State Department, two aides to Clinton reportedly used illegal, secret accounts. It wasn’t just Hillary Clinton who used a private email account while she was Secretary of State. Gawker reports, “Source: Top Clinton Aides Used Secret Email Accounts at State Dept.” [A]ccording to a knowledgeable source, at least two other top Clinton aides also used private email accounts to conduct government business—placing their official communications outside the scope of federal record-keeping Read more […]

Why We Will Soon be Laughed at in Arabic

When this State Department spokesperson gets translated into Arabic, We Will Be a Laughingstock. Please… I beg of you… tell me she was auditioning as the new host for the Daily Show. Via Fox News Politics: “State Department spokeswoman floats jobs as answer to ISIS.” What the West really needs to take on the Islamic State is … a jobs program.  That’s what a top State Department spokeswoman suggested when asked in a TV interview Monday night about what the U.S.-led coalition Read more […]

Hillary Clinton Destroyed Libya for No Good Reason

Others in government tried to stop her, but Hillary Clinton destroyed Libya by using her control of the State Department. Remember, Barack Obama went into Libya with no idea how to bring order to the country once the regime had been destroyed. The resulting terrorist playground was the fault of NATO and the United States, but the Administration blames it all on the murdered Gaddafi. Interestingly, elements in the government tried to get around Hillary Clinton’s campaign to destroy Libya Read more […]

Somalia: Another Case of U.S. Arming Terrorists

While trying to send arms to counter-terrorists, the U.S. may be arming terrorists themselves, again! The Wall Street Journal begins its story, “Murky Arms Traffic Plagues Somalia,” with this paragraph: Since leaving Somalia in the 1990s, Musa Haji Mohamed Ganjab has been a landlord and entrepreneur and served as a representative of the Somali government, which the U.S. is backing to fight the jihadist group al-Shabaab. Sadly, the rest of the story is unavailable unless you have a paid Read more […]