If Abortion Is OK, then Why Shouldn’t Women Conceive In Order to Sell Livers and Brains?

People who claim abortion is OK should prove they mean it by advocating that women get pregnant just so they can sell the baby parts. Supposedly there is some vast difference between a stillborn baby and an aborted fetus. But if Planned Parenthood is really so confident of that “fact” (which is really just a stupid lie), then why don’t they go all the way? I was reminded of the issue by the release of the eighth video from the Center for Medical Progress. As Life News reports, Read more […]

Planned Parenthood Planning to Go to Court to Censor Video

Using the courts to censor video that Planned Parenthood doesn’t want people to see is probably going to backfire on them. Planned Parenthood must be desperate. The Hill reports, “Planned Parenthood: Videos illegal.” Planned Parenthood is considering legal action against the pro-life organization that has released a series of secretly recorded videos scrutinizing the health provider’s fetal tissue donation program. In an exclusive interview with The Hill, Planned Parenthood Executive Read more […]

“We’re Going to Procure a Brain” – StemExpress Whistleblower Remembers Cutting through a Baby’s Face

The only way to get the brain intact with both hemispheres and the brain stem is to go through the baby’s face. I realize that the Planned Parenthood expose videos are so disturbing that you don’t want to watch them. But don’t let that stop you. Society wants you to avert your eyes and pretend nothing is happening. Just scurry past the victim bleeding on the roadside and act like you didn’t see him. But this isn’t a visually graphic video. It merely lets a woman tell her story about Read more […]

New Development in Planned Parenthood Scandal: House Committee Investigating

This means that the Planned Parenthood scandal is not going to fade away—at least not yet. While the Obama Administration is treating the citizen journalist who masterminded the sting videos as the criminal, Congress wants Planned Parenthood and related baby harvesters to answer some questions.  Live Action News reported yesterday, This afternoon the House Energy and Commerce Committee announced it is expanding its current Planned Parenthood investigation. House Energy and Commerce Committee Read more […]

What Is StemExpress Afraid of You Seeing and Hearing?

CNN tells us what the Center for Medical Progress claims about StemExpress. Even though they did nothing more than ordinary journalism, I want to thank CNN for siding with professionalism over ideology (if they will forgive me for thinking of them as tending to be sympathetic toward Planned Parenthood) and giving coverage to this issue when so many in the mainstream have been silent. I am thanking CNN because they interviewed David Daleiden, the public face of the Center for Medical Progress. Read more […]