God Particle is Really God’s Particle

Physicists say they may have found the so-called God Particle that they claim made stars, planets, and eventually humans. The Higgs Boson particle and field is named for British physicist Peter Higgs “who predicted their existence 50 years ago.” Here’s my question: “What is the source of the Higgs Boson particle and field?” More fundamental is this question: “Where did the necessary organized information come from that guided the evolution of everything evolutionists claim evolved Read more […]

New Robot Proves Evolution is Impossible

The theory of evolution is posited as an established scientific fact even though there is no empirical evidence of how inanimate matter came into existence and evolved into highly complex living organisms. There is no empirical evidence demonstrating where organized information came from to give structure and development to evolved matter. Finally, there is no empirical evidence showing the millions, possibly billions, of gradual evolutionary steps that were necessary to go from an inanimate glob Read more […]