Stephen King Wants to Be Taxed More Heavily

Maine Governor’s stupid mistake allows Stephen King to preach taxing the rich again. The great American novelist Stephen King has been given a bunch of free press because Governor Paul LePage thought he had left Maine to escape taxes. LePage wants to change the tax structure in Maine and argues that his changes will attract more people to the state. But using Stephen King as an example of tax migration was a big mistake—not just a factual mistake but a public relations disaster. According Read more […]

Have Americans Been Trained to be “Good Germans” ?

Not too long ago, being “good Germans” meant showing compliance to the will of government agents when they had no warrant. It was considered un-American. I notice I got mixed responses from my post about the cop assaulting a girl (which has resulted, once the video appeared and not until then, with a warrant issued charging the girl and her sister with assault). I pointed out a couple of times that a non-cop has committed crimes by pretending to be a law enforcement officer, but that Read more […]