Not All Muslims Have Attempted Murder

A Conservative points out that accusing all Muslims of murder is as reasonable as accusing all confederate flag bearers of racism. Mark Alexander at the Patriot Post wrote a helpful essay that exposed both the problems with Islam and the problem with false conclusions about Islam in the case of the Chatanooga killings. He wrote, in part: The Leftmedia is still searching for a motive in the attack on military personnel here in Chattanooga last week — an Islamist assault we covered in “Obama: Read more […]

Alert: Complimenting Black Cuisine Is Now Racist

There was a time when I was sick of hearing accusations of racism because they had become so commonplace, what with anti-racism being such a big career booster in politics. Now, whenever I hear that there is a new “racist” scandal, I actually get giddy. For this reason, a part of me truly adores liberals; they are the ones who have trivialized racism to the point of its becoming a hilarious joke. For that I thank them. The racism story du jour involves two Colorado politicians, both women, Read more […]

Ads in Today’s “Patriarchy”: Men Are Buffoons, Women Are Brilliant

With commercials, as opposed to football, being the main focus of Super Bowl Sunday, I got to thinking about the state of commercials in today’s culture. But how many commercials have you seen in which a husband is portrayed as being smarter, wiser, or less clumsy than his oafish, doofy, klutzy wife? Yeah, it doesn’t happen. It kills me that radical feminists say we live in a male-dominant culture when the very drivers of our culture–the New York and Hollywood types–are all radical feminists. Read more […]