Cory Booker: The Next Barack Obama Running for the Senate

Cory Booker is the Democrat mayor of Newark,”the unfriendliest city in the world” and the sixth most dangerous city in the United States. Despite massive failure and a ruined city crumbling around him during his tenure, he is fabricating a fable for himself in hopes of securing a Senate seat. And, in future, The White House. He has learned much from his role model, Barack Obama. On Saturday The New York Post ran a story about Cory Booker, “Legend in His Own Mind”: Helping a gunshot Read more […]

The Race Card As A Mystery Box of Goodies

A teaser headline at The Huffington Post reads, “GOP Campaign Deletes Shocking Racist Anti-Booker Tweet.” At first I thought, “Hmm, ‘shocking’? What was said, [the N-word]?” Which was a really silly thought to have had because, after all, this is The Huffington Post, and even such an innocuity as white paint is racist in their eyes. So I clicked the link, which took me to an article headlined “Steve Lonegan Campaign Deletes Racially Charged Tweet About Cory Booker.” Ah, so it’s merely racial, Read more […]