Baby Born Dead Then Starts Breathing 25 Minutes Later; Doctors Don’t Know the Future

We live in an age that pretends to have made great strides in medical science. Maybe we have, but there are still many “anomalies.” The latest fad in medical ethics is to start legally recognizing the “voluntary” euthanizing of children—and to illegally euthanize many more. This sort of movement is premised on the idea that we know when we should give up. It implies that we can predict that life is not ever going to get better on the basis of medical knowledge. But that premise is Read more […]

Cocaine and Post-Birth Abortion

On January 29, 2012, Punta Gorda, Florida, 9-1-1 was called for twenty-seven year old Jessica Smallwood.  At the time, she stated that she thought she had passed a blood clot in the toilet and flushed it down.  However, there was a lot of blood afterwards and the single mother of three was not doing well so her boyfriend called 9-1-1. As it turned out, Jessica had delivered a 6 ½ pound baby girl, but claims that she never knew she was pregnant.  At the hospital, staff and police received conflicting Read more […]