Government Stingray May be Disrupting Your Mobile Coverage

The secretive Fed technology, that fakes call towers to spy on people, might be disrupting mobile coverage for others. I’ve posted before about the mysterious “Stingray” technology that intercepts the phones of selected targets, fooling it into thinking it is connecting to a legitimate phone tower. In fact, a prosecutor’s case was recently tossed because the police had used this technology, but the prosecutor did not want to acknowledge it in court. Our Federal rulers don’t want Read more […]

Secret Tech Blows Up Prosecutor’s Case

The police use of secret tech to catch criminals means they sometimes have to allow them to escape punishment. I’ve asked before who is running the fake cell towers. I’ve also reported on how the Feds are loaning tools to local law enforcement and then forbidding them to mention the use of the equipment in their prosecution of criminals. Well now it has officially destroyed a prosecutor’s case. According to the Washington Post, “Secrecy around police surveillance equipment proves Read more […]

Who Is Running the Fake Cell Towers?

Recently, people have admitted to the mysterious existence of fake cell towers. As VentureBeat reports, Mysterious “interceptor” cell towers in the USA are grabbing phone calls — but they’re not part of the phone networks. And, two experts told VentureBeat today, the towers don’t appear to be projects of the National Security Agency (NSA). The towers were revealed by Les Goldsmith to Popular Science last week. He’s CEO of ESD America, which builds the super-secure Cryptophone 500 for Read more […]

Feds Make Police Hide Their Use of Spying Tech

While we’re supposed to trust the government to reform the NSA, the government is trying to hide other forms of spying from us. The Obama Administration has been trying to get the police to keep quiet about their ability to spy on people. Associated Press published a lengthy report on how the Federal government is overriding state open-records laws to hide police departments’ purchase and use of tools for spying. One example among several in the article: In Sarasota, Florida, the U.S. Marshals Read more […]