San Jose’s Leech Class: A Picture Of The Nation

Some day Americans (or whatever the people living on this part of the continent are called at that point) are going to understand that the standard of living and the prosperity Americans attributed to the free market in the Post-War era of the second half of the twentieth century was mostly the results of massive debts. It is almost like a science fiction movie. Our leaders figured out a way to take the wealth of the future and bring it to their present to spend. And now that the future is getting Read more […]

I’ve Seen America’s Future in Stockton, Detroit, and Chicago

News of Stockton California’s bankruptcy shouldn’t surprise us or the dismal economic conditions in Chicago and Detroit. The entire state of California should be in bankruptcy considering that it’s $127 billion in debt and nothing on the horizon to stop the plummet into the void. Stockton’s municipal government is a microcosm of our national government except that it can’t print money to keep its government going. If we keep printing money at the national level, we will have lots of Read more […]