Why Last Tuesday’s GOP Victory is Bad for the GOP and the Country Itself

[Editor’s note: I voted Republican and thus contributed to the GOP victory in a small way. So I don’t agree with writer’s opinion. But I thought it was worth considering. Sometimes I do think the populace needs to learn this kind of lesson. And I also suspect the GOP will be blamed for Obama’s sins over the next two years.] Last Tuesday happened eight days ago, and you know how it went. In January a bunch of new Republicans will be sworn in and they will control both the House and Read more […]

ACLU Threats – Obstacles or Opportunities? Something to Think About

Dealing with ACLU threats has helped me think about how we should deal with opposition. Do you find yourself discouraged over the sheer volume of battles we face as progressives continue to interfere in so many areas of our personal and public lives?   Education, property rights, marriage…the list is long.  Many Tea Party and Liberty Groups are losing members who are weary of not seeing the changes they desire.   It’s just too hard, they say.  There are just too many obstacles Read more […]

An Open Letter to the Next Generation of Patriots

Dear Next Generation Patriot, If Bill Ayers…err…Barack Obama could “write” his memoir at the ripe old age of 43, then surely I can drop some knowledge on the next generation even though I’m only 41. Don’t let my age fool you. For the past 10 years I’ve been intimately involved in politics at a local, state, and federal level—everything from county elections to presidential ones. This has helped me to build an impressive list of contacts around the country. Both household names Read more […]

62% Blame Shutdown On GOP. Time to Get Serious, Guys!

Much conservative ado is being made over a new Associated Press-GfK poll that puts President Obama’s job-approval rating at a new low: 37 percent, or the average for President George W. Bush’s second term. It certainly is significant, considering that The AP is a left-leaning organization and that Gallup, a conservative polling group, had Obama four percentage points above that just last week. What conservatives are not talking about are the inconvenient revelations in the poll, numbers that Read more […]

WHY?! House Votes To Delay Obamacare, Fund Rest Of Gov’t

The course of action taken by the Republicans in the House late Saturday night and early Sunday morning portend for me, clear as day, America’s near political future—or rather its prospective political future had the Republicans been even remotely effective. Step 1 below is what they attempted to do, and Steps 2 through 7 following are what would have happened had they been successful in delaying Obamacare (as of this writing, it’s not clear whether Obamacare will be delayed or not, but I promise Read more […]

Not Insanity; Strategy! Innocent Treated As Terrorist Financiers

One of the problems with horrible tragedies is that evil men get to do evil things while we are in shock and distracted. Thus, evil compounds evil. On December 21 Techdirt posted a story that very few people seem to have picked up on, but which deserves attention. The Office of Foreign Assets Control seized most of the advance money paid to a couple of Americans for producing a comic book. They did so on the grounds that money sent to write the comic book was supporting a terrorist organization! The Read more […]