Fewer College Graduates “Strongly Agree” Their Education was Worth What They Paid

According to a new Gallup poll, recent college graduates are showing another sign of the end of the tuition bubble. For now, nothing is likely to happen since a majority of students still agree that their college degree was worth the cost. But those who graduated since 2006 are far less likely to “strongly agree” that their education was worth it. Gallup tells us, Amid recent controversy over rising tuition and mounting student debt totals, half of college graduates in the U.S. Read more […]

New Student Loan Data Shows Government Can’t Stop College Collapse

A college collapse is inevitable and the federal government might delay it but it can’t stop it from happening. Not all schools are the same and not all professors are the same. Some people just want to go college to party and get a degree as a minimal requirement for their entry into the job market. Others want to follow a rigorous path of study in order to be able to become and sell themselves as some of the best in their chosen field. So you can’t classify all education as the same. Read more […]

Student Welfare for Post Graduates and Universities

Here’s another boondoggle brought to you by our government: post graduate student welfare as loan forgiveness. Basically, public debt and/or taxpayers are being used to provide people going into professional and profitable careers a massive subsidy. Perhaps more importantly, the government sustains the college tuition bubble a bit longer by providing this subsidy. When you hear candidates try to come up with a way to give out free community college, you might get the impression that we are Read more […]

Starbucks Shareholders Giving Employees Free Tuition

I applaud Howard Schultz—he is free to do what he wants with his own money… Of course, he doesn’t actually own Starbucks, so it’s not his money, but why quibble, right? As long as his shareholders back him, more power to him. And if they leave him free to practice his economic insanity, then they are backing him. It’s very similar to the Republicans in Congress who talk a good game about the lawlessness of Eric Holder and Barack Obama, but demonstrate by their inaction that, in reality, Read more […]

Tuition Bubble Collapsing Already; Colleges Offering Huge Savings

I’m not sure when it will become so undeniable to hit the mainstream news, but it seems the bust of the college bubble is already starting. Martin Schifrin writes for Forbes, Last year at about this time I published a list of 50 well-regarded colleges that had reported to the National Association of College Admissions Counseling that they had not filled up their freshman classes, despite the traditional May 1st deadline passing. These schools were thus hungry for students and were offering cash Read more […]

College Is A Good Investment For People Who Can Afford It And Have A Plan to Use It

Another piece of the college bubble protection propaganda appeared in the Washington Post. Catherine Rampell writes under the headline (perhaps chosen by an editor), “College is not a losing investment.” College enrollment is dropping again — and that’s a bad thing. A Labor Department report released this week finds that the share of young people enrolled in college by the October after they graduate from high school has tumbled in the past few years. From a high of 70.1 percent in Read more […]

Fraud U: NPR’s Window Into How the State Supports the Tuition Bubble

Try to remember back in the ancient history of 2006 and 2007 (which shouldn’t be that hard not only because it wasn’t that long ago but because we’re about to re-live it). The housing bubble was helped along by the work of the “rubber-stamp agencies” “ratings agencies.” Organizations like Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s were treated as neutral observers rather than as private companies trying to make profits in the market. They gave the housing bubble a layer of illusion that Read more […]

Demographic Winter Already Reaching The College Bubble

When I saw the headline at Bloomberg.com I thought it was going to say something dismissive about the intelligence and academic abilities of children in the Midwest: “Dwindling Midwest High School Grads Spur College Hunt.” But no. It is not that the children of the Midwest have fewer high school graduates among them. It is that there are fewer Midwest children who can graduate. Because there are fewer Midwest children.  A waning number of high school graduates from the Midwest is sparking a Read more […]

Women “Marrying Down” Are Really Marrying Up: More Evidence Of Education Bubble

As the market for education reaches the saturation point, and as the value of education goes down, we would expect those who enjoy the college experience tend to be students in greater numbers than those who don’t enjoy it. Now perhaps you will disagree with me but my impression is that young women like college more than young men. That might be due to the nature of classroom learning and it also might be due to feminist politics dominating campuses so that men feel unwelcome. Perhaps someone can Read more […]

Barack Obama’s Plan To Regulate Private Colleges Both Wrong And Unnecessary

Yesterday, at Red State, Dan Spencer pointed out that Obama plans to try to impose rules on private colleges—rules that would disqualify his own education at Harvard. Harvard Law fails to meet the new rules. Yet the rules wouldn’t impact Harvard – instead the rules would impact all the private for-profit colleges that help millions of minority and low-income Americans earn a college degree and work toward a better life. At four-year non-profit and public institutions, like Harvard, just 21 Read more […]

Tuition Skyrocketing: It Is Not Daily Headline News Because They Don’t Want You To Think About It

I have no idea if the full interview is worth watching, but this snip is just common sense: I think it is obvious why the tuition bubble is not “daily headline news.” While our rulers want us to panic and beg for help with tuition, they don’t want us to otherwise really consider what is going on. Here’s a link that provides downloads of the full interview. Read more […]

Is The Federal Reserve Looking At Monetizing Student Loan Debt?

From the Main Street website: Rising student loan debt is a probable risk that might slow down a strong economic recovery, New York Federal Reserve Bank President William Dudley said Wednesday. “It’s a prospective risk that we need to analyze further,” Dudley told reporters at a press conference at the New York Fed. “The fact is that the student loan burden is climbing pretty sharply, and the fact is that it cannot be discharged.” Real wages have been sluggish to rise, increasing the burden of Read more […]