Lenore Skenazy Shows Public School Will Damage Children for the Sake of Policy

A girl was allowed to suffer a coughing fit that led to vomit because public school policy required inhaler to have her name on it. Lenore Skenazy regularly writes at Reason.com and has covered several amazing stories about how officials attack parents for violating rules about child-rearing that they make up. She also covered this wonderful story about a judge who showed some common sense in the area of child endangerment charges. On her Free Range Kids blog, she recently pointed out this Read more […]

Michelle Obama Fitness Plan Starves Kids for Hours

Lisa Putnam is a fifth grade teacher in the Chicago Public School system.  She and her students were very excited about participating in the Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move kickoff even in the Windy City.  The event was being held at the McCormick Place, billed as the largest convention center in all of North America. Their day of fun and excitement turned out to be anything but fun and exciting.  The students spent over 7-8 hours without food for what turned out to be nothing more than a commercial Read more […]