Frostbitten Girl: How Totalitarianism Will Make You A Crueler Version Of Yourself

The saying in some exercise circles is that you can become a stronger version of yourself. And it is true that if you do the exercises, and regularly immerse yourself in an environment dedicated to exercise, barring injury, you will tend to become a stronger version of yourself. Likewise, if you live in a cramped isolation chamber, you will degenerate. Sometimes chambers are constructed not by literal walls but by rules. Thus, CBS Minnesota: A ninth-grader says she has frostbite after Read more […]

Boy Suspended For Having Tiny Gun Key Chain

At an arcade, 12-year-old Joseph Lyssikatos won a small gun key chain not much bigger than a quarter, and he put it in his backpack. At his Rhode Island school, the toy apparently fell out of his bag, and another student picked it up and showed it to others. A teacher got wind of the incident and confiscated the toy weapon. School officials were able to run the serial number on the gun and trace the gun back to Joseph, who ended up getting suspended for three days. (OK, the part about the serial Read more […]

Seattle Mayor To Businesses: Post “Gun-Free Zone” Signs To Deter Criminals

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why any business would post a “gun-free zone” sign at their entrance. Recently, I went into a store here in Georgia, and there was a sign next to the door that proudly proclaimed that they didn’t allow any guns on their premises. I felt a slight tinge of fear as I walked in. I didn’t have a gun with me, and I knew if a robber or murderer wanted to commit a crime, he’d look for the gun-free zone signs. And if I were in that store while the criminal Read more […]

Hate Crimes are Often Self-Inflicted to Make Conservatives Look Evil

Floyd Elliott of Independence, Missouri, told police that two people attacked him in the parking lot of his apartment complex in what he claimed was a hate crime. He said the attackers cut him in the stomach, branded him with a hot knife and attempted to carve the word “fag” on his forehead. Investigators were suspicious about the report because the head carving was backwards, as if done while looking into a mirror. Later, Elliott admitted to police that the injuries were self-inflicted. Can Read more […]

I Agree with John Kerry, Kanye West, and Louis Farrakhan

Who could have thought it possible that I could agree with John Kerry, Kanye West, and Luis Farrakhan had to say. But it happened. Of course, I don’t agree with everything this guys espouse, but like a broken clock, they are right twice each day. In a speech to about 10,000 followers of the Nation of Islam, Minister Louis Farrakhan called on blacks nationwide to curb economic disparities by cutting back on excessive spending, pooling resources, and investing in land. . . .” This is great advice. Read more […]

American Taxpayer Money To Foreign Electric Carmakers

Back when GM needed to be bailed out, it was considered unthinkable that America would not have its own car companies. The big three auto makers were given the status of the Statue of Liberty or the Jefferson Memorial. When Romney was running his alleged opposition to the bailout was used against him. So how can we go from bailing out American automakers to giving more taxpayer money to their foreign competitors? That is exactly what the Detroit News reveals that our government is doing, though Read more […]