If the Supreme Court Obamacare Decision Goes Right, What Should Republicans Do?

The Supreme Court Obamacare decision could end Federal subsidies for healthcare.gov. What then? I’ve already noted that Democrats are getting ready to furiously blame Republicans if the Supreme Court rules that Federal subsidies for people who buy their insurance through healthcare.gov are not authorized in the Affordable Care Act. The reason they might make such a ruling is because Federal subsidies for people who buy their insurance through healthcare.gov are not authorized in the Affordable Read more […]

Republicans Are Worried They Will Have to Save Obamacare

The people Republicans voted into office are hoping the Supreme Court will save Obamacare so that they don’t have to do it. This just in: Republicans are deathly afraid the Supreme Court will do its Constitutionally-mandated job, and follow the law. This would require Congress to come up with ever more creative ways NOT to do their job. [See also, “Does the GOP have An Obamacare Contingency Plan?”] Here is how The Hill reports the story, “Republicans fear they will win ObamaCare Read more […]

Another Arbitrary Obamacare Change to Avoid “New Anger”

The Obama Administration wants to make yet another Obamacare change to exempt people from the penalties in the law. How many times are they going to change this law in order to keep people from being upset at the law as it is actually written? As we have mentioned on this blog, millions of people are going to face penalties for not purchasing overpriced, junky, government-mandated insurance. So, once again, the White House is considering making a temporary change in the law to prevent people Read more […]

Obamacare Subsidies Are Going to Hurt Half the Recipients

People receiving Obamacare subsidies are about to go through financial pain. The point of Obamacare subsidies was that people needed to be helped in order to avoid financial pain. People applied for insurance and filled out their information and were told that the government would be subsidizing what they paid for it. But it is not quite that simple. H & R Block has estimated that half of those who received subsidies are going to have to pay some amount of that money back to the Read more […]

Obamacare Rejects Illegals Who Could Have Been Insured in a Private Market

A grocery store will sell them food without question, but Obamacare rejects illegals—or rather suspected illegals. The New York Times reports, The Obama administration said on Monday that it planned to terminate health insurance for 115,000 people on Oct. 1 because they had failed to prove that they were United States citizens or legal immigrants eligible for coverage under the Affordable Care Act. It also told 363,000 people that they could lose financial aid because their incomes could Read more […]

Obamacare Is about to Make Taxes More Complicated

I know that it seems impossible that someone would make taxes more complicated, but according to one expert that is exactly what is about to happen. The Washington Examiner reported on what H&R Block CEO William Cobb said about the coming tax season: “As expected, the forms are very detailed and can present significant complexity, depending on a filer’s coverage status during the year, income level, and household composition,” Cobb said. “Depending on their situation, there are Read more […]

Obamacare Success – Employed Work Fewer Hours to Keep Subsidies

I call this an Obamacare success because I can’t believe that the people who designed it were unaware of this consequence.  They chose it. We already knew that Liberals were aware of the problem because they admitted to it. They claimed that it was a good thing that we might get a shorter work week. They blamed Republicans for being harsh taskmasters, wanting us to work all the time. But their theory was that, once people no longer needed a job to get health benefits, they would be happy Read more […]

CNN Money: Sex Workers Love Obamacare–Making Prostitution More Economically Attractive Through Federal Subsidies

Thanks to Newsbusters: Organized by “Siouxsie Q,” a Bay Area sex worker, the event was meant to encourage other sex workers to enroll in the new insurance exchanges. It was a rousing success: Nearly 40 men and women attended and almost all of them filed enrollment paperwork. In the all-cash, off-the-books sex industry, workers can be particularly high risk and insurance is often out of reach. Many sex workers — a broad term that can refer to a number of services, including sexual massage, Read more […]

Dead Farmers Receiving Millions of Dollars In Subsidies

The General Accountability Office released a report that shows millions of dollars in subsidies have been paid out to dead farmers.  From 2008 to 2012, $10.6 million was paid out to farmers who had been dead for a year or more.  The payments were made by the Natural Resources Conservation Service, a division of the US Department of Agriculture.  Another division of the USDA, the Risk Management Agency also paid out $22 million to over 3,400 policyholders who had been dead for two years or more. The Read more […]

Low Information Voter Calls Sean Hannity

I was sitting in my car eating some dark chocolate ice cream with two scoops of roasted almonds mixed in from Cold Stone Creamery listening to the Sean Hannity Show when I heard a Low Information Voter call in. A woman from Atlanta told Hannity that ObamaCare was working, and she had proof. It was downhill from there. Her evidence was anecdotal. She had pulled the Hasty Generalization Fallacy card: “This fallacy is committed when a person draws a conclusion about a group based on a sample that Read more […]