WebMD: A Lesson In How Government Buys Off Societal Leadership

The Washington Times today is reporting another instance of how the state subverts and takes over society using its leverage in taxed or borrowed money. In this case, it is about how WebMD a supposedly private website and resource was paid millions to produce Obamacare propaganda. But this shouldn’t surprise us. This is no different from the state department going to Syria, picking out who they want to be the “popular leadership” of the country, and throwing money at them to give them prestige Read more […]

“Quiet Campaign” to Get GOP to Punish Christians

The Washington Post is writing posts for some imaginary world where we don’t all already see that there is a massive push to get the Republican Party to abandon real marriage in favor of a doppelganger that includes same sex pretensions. Today: “Gay rights supporters wage a quiet campaign to push Republicans to the middle.” Quiet? Then how come we all know about it? Newsflash: the Republican Party is already in the middle. Most Republicans I know of want nothing to do with reinstating anti-sodomy Read more […]