Ignoring Jared Is Like Ignoring Baby Organ Trafficking

The people studiously ignoring Planned Parenthood’s baby organ trafficking are eager to tell you about other cases of looking the other way. One of the insights into human nature found in Jesus’ parable of “the good Samaritan” is how those who didn’t want to help the wounded traveler lying on the road, “passed by on the other side.” They have decided to not help, but they feel obligated to pretend their decision is not so wicked by putting distance between themselves and the wounded Read more […]

News Story Changes When “Thug” Is “Officer”

The language of a news story shifted in amazing ways from the earlier version before we learned the attacker was a cop! He was a “hulking brute.” He was a “thug.” And he did things: he attacked, he grabbed, he shoved, he “grabbed her in an unprovoked attack,” and then “he ran away, smiling.” But that was before the paper learned who the attacker was. In the later story in the New York Daily News, it became mostly passive voice. The victim “was put into a bear hug,” Read more […]

Corporations Don’t Care: McDonald’s Promotes Subway

We have yet another case of McDonald’s caught doing something stupid with their “free help” to their employees. In this case, they may have actually given their employees some good advice. But it is obvious that they didn’t “mean to.” But does it even make sense to ascribe intentions to corporations? Fox News reports: Postings on McDonalds’ employee resources site are warning workers to avoid eating too much fast food – including the kind of stuff served at the golden arches. “Fast Read more […]