UK Leaders Speak Out in Defense of an American Citizen’s Family While President Barack Obama Remains Mute

The Prime Minister and past Prime Minister of the United Kingdom have strong words for the injustices being inflicted on the wife and mother of American citizens—a woman condemned to torture and death solely for her faith in Jesus. The Independent reports: The Prime Minister joined Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg in condemning the treatment of Ms Ibrahim, who gave birth to her baby daughter Maya this week while shackled in heavy chains in the hospital wing of Omdurman Women’s Prison. Mr Cameron Read more […]

Official Court Verdict: Sudanese Woman Will be Hanged for Confessing Christ

Meriam Ibrahim’s death sentence is now official. The wife of an American citizen, and mother of two Americans, is to be flogged and hanged for the “crimes” of being a Christian, and marrying a Christian. To be clear: although the charge is apostasy, she has never been a Muslim; although the other charge is adultery, it is for having relations with her husband. From al-Arabia News: A Sudanese woman doctor who married a Christian man was sentenced to death on Thursday for converting to Christianity, Read more […]

An Open Letter to President Barack Obama about a Christian Facing Death in Sudan

From Morningstar News: Meriam Yahia Ibrahim, 27, and her Christian husband also have a toddler son. As marriage to a Christian man is prohibited for a Muslim woman in Sudan, Ibrahim also could be given 100 lashes for “adultery,” the sources said. If convicted of “apostasy” and “adultery,” the whipping and execution would be administered soon after giving birth to her second child, due next month, according to a rights worker for Justice Center Sudan in Khartoum. “We are fighting for Read more […]