Economic Plunge: Are You Psychologically Prepared?

Much talk of being prepared for economic hard times is aimed at people who have enough income to put aside some resources into stored food and other forms of preparation. Not everyone can do that (and it is hard to know how much is really enough). There is another kind of preparation that is almost as important and may be within reach of more people. It is especially important for men, I think. I am referring to psychological preparation. To see what I mean, here is a story from about Read more […]

Vet Recalls His Rape By Three Other Men In the Military In 1974

From the New York Times: “The Untold Story of Military Sexual Assault.” I’ll leave out his description of the gang rape itself. You can follow the link and read the whole column if you want. According to the Department of Defense’s Military Sexual Assault Report for 2012, an estimated 26,000 members of the United States military, both men and women, were sexually assaulted in that year. The Pentagon survey almost certainly underreports the scale of the issue. Of those sexual assaults, Read more […]

Feminism Allowed Mick Jagger To Exploit L’Wren Scott For Years Before It Killed Her

The problem with feminism is that it is an ideology of masculine domination. It degrades and marginalizes all the parts of a woman’s life and identity that a male chauvinist pig doesn’t really care about and leaves nothing but casual sex and a dismissive view of monogamy. What I’m saying is that L’Wren Scott’s suicide is evidence that feminism drives women to kill themselves for men. Consider what the housekeeper had to say, according to the New York Daily: Lupe Montufar, 57, was Read more […]

And The “Banker” Body Count Keeps Climbing

Technically, he was a trader for Vertical Group in Midtown Manhattan—which may not be exactly the same as a banker. From the New York Post: A Manhattan trader was killed Tuesday morning by a speeding Long Island Rail Road commuter train, marking at least the seventh suicide of a financial professional this year. Edmund (Eddie) Reilly, 47, a trader at Midtown’s Vertical Group, jumped in front of an LIRR train at 6 a.m. near the Syosset train station. He was declared dead at the scene. At Read more […]

Charged With Child Porn: Lamar Alexander’s Chief-Of-Staff’s Death Ruled Suicide

I posted about the arrest of Ryan Loskarn back before Christmas and how it might or might not be related to other interesting stories that have popped up in Washington DC. I wondered what we would find out as the investigation and trial proceeded. Since dead men tell no tales, we might not learn much. Loskarn’s body was discovered in his parent’s basement. Prosecutors and defense attorneys had agreed to give more time for filing an indictment—perhaps in hope of reaching a plea deal. Thus Read more […]

Liberal Says Conservative Policies Driving People to Suicide

Thom Hartmann is the host of the nationally-syndicated radio show The Thom Hartmann Program. He is a liberal with a background in business. I suspect that as a child he would do or say outrageous things in order to get attention. He hasn’t stopped. On a recent radio show Hartmann described “the excesses of unregulated capitalism” as a “cancer” that needed to be stopped by government, this from a man who has made millions of dollars and is presently living off the “cancer of capitalism.” Hartmann’s Read more […]

Evidence that America is Committing National Suicide

“If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.” — Abraham Lincoln1 This is the first time I’ve seen Lincoln’s reference to national suicide. I’m more familiar with James Burnham’s book Suicide of Read more […]Abraham Lincoln’s Lyceum Address was delivered to the Young Men’s Lyceum of Springfield, Illinois on January 27, 1838, and was titled “The Perpetuation of Our Political Institutions.” [↩]

White Elementary Boy Bullied by Asians, Commits Suicide

A 9-year-old British boy named Aaron Dugmore has committed suicide because he was bullied by Asians for being white. Along with being teased, at one point he was also threatened with a plastic knife and then promised that the “next time” would involve a “real one.” Bullying and suicides together are always tough issues to write about; emotions come into play and you have to try to put those aside and think only logically. Our emotional side tells us the Asian kids should be punished severely Read more […]