Petraeus Blames Russia for U.S.-Caused Instability in Syria

Everyone knows the United States is actively causing unrest in Syria, but Petraeus blames Russia and the media treats his claims as credible. David Petraeus was allegedly criticizing the U.S. “implicitly” but only for not following his own insane agenda. According to CNN, One of America’s top former generals compared the situation in Syria Tuesday to a historic nuclear disaster, implicitly criticizing the U.S. for allowing it to worsen, and accused Russia’s President of trying to re-establish Read more […]

Rand Paul Speaks Out on Iraq

Rand Paul spoke to Eliana Johnson of the National Review. He also wrote a piece in the Wall Street Journal. The points he made for Johnson (according to her) are as follows: President Obama’s claim that we need to worry about ISIS establishing “safe havens” in Syria or Iraq from which they will attack the US is “a bit of a stretch.” The target of ISIS are the Shiites, not the United States or the West. It is not plausible that Congress thirteen years ago gave the President power Read more […]

The Middle East Has Become America’s Quagmire

Show of hands — who is sick of talking or hearing about Syria and the Middle East? I like knowing geography as much as the next guy, but frankly I’m tired of learning the cities and provinces of every Middle East country. Did anyone know much of anything about the Kurds before the whole Iraq thing? Could anyone have guessed the name of any province in Afghanistan or that Benghazi is a city not some guy? I bet, for those of us that follow this stuff, we could name more cities in Syria Read more […]