Stores Using Mannequins With Surveillance Camera Eyes

Stores have been using tracking technology for a long time. They use counters for inventory purposes and for ascertaining traffic numbers. These data can be used to determine trends in buying habits, to find out which of their stores get the most traffic, which products are popular, which are not, etc. Store cards have taken it a step further in making these tracking data personalized. Under the guise of offering discounts, stores will use their own membership cards to track your buying habits. Read more […]

United Nations To Use Drones

Drone use just got a little scarier with reports that the United Nations wants to start using them to strengthen MONUSCO, their “peacekeeping” mission to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They want to use them to monitor the Rwanda-Congo conflict amid accusations that Rwanda has been aiding rebels (something that only the U.S. government is allowed to do). The idea of the UN using drones was considered at one point, but it was dropped because of the cost. But now that so many countries Read more […]

Big Brother is Watching…and Listening

TrapWire is a company that uses an intelligence gathering software that is designed to analyze human behavior and to predict and prevent terrorist attacks based on behavior patterns. Stratfor (Strategic Forecasting, Inc.) is another company that specializes in intelligence through sophisticated networks of surveillance cameras positioned in big cities throughout the U.S. and abroad. Stratfor and TrapWire have allegedly teamed up in delivering a “product” that not only watches us with fancy cameras Read more […]

Watch the Skies Because Drones are Watching You

In the classic science fiction film The Thing from Another World (1951), there is a closing warning given to the audience by a reporter: “Tell the world. Tell this to everyone, wherever they are. Watch the skies everywhere. Keep looking. Keep watching the skies.” While he was warning about an alien invasion from space, it’s now a metaphor for what’s happening to us by our own government. If you thought your privacy was being invaded by Homeland Security under the Bush administration when Read more […]