School Takes Offense To Girl’s NRA T-Shirt

Haley Bullwinkle is a 16 year old sophomore who attends Canyon High School in Anaheim Hills, California.  She is a very patriotic student who also believes in the Second Amendment. A couple of weeks ago, Haley was running late for school and quickly grabbed a t-shirt, put it on and headed off to school.  When she arrived on campus, a security guard stopped her told her that she had to change her shirt or she would be suspended.  Not wanting to be suspended, Haley wore a shirt that the school Read more […]

Principal Remains on Job after Threatening to Blow Up Staff

Remember the boy who was on a school bus talking to his friends and said that he wishes he had a gun to protect them?  The bus driver over heard him and took back to the school, where the principal suspended him for just saying the word gun. Or what about the six year old boy that pointed his finger at another kid and acted like he was shooting him?  He was suspended also.  Then there was the 5 year old girl that threatened to shoot another kindergartner with her Hello Kitty Bubble Gun when Read more […]

Student Suspended For Saving Fellow Student’s Life

We’ve been hearing a number of reports this past year about students being suspended for being kids and standing up for their constitutional rights.  Kindergartners, first and second graders are being punished for pretend shooting with their fingers or supposedly chewing a toaster pastry into the shape of a gun. But have you ever heard of a student being suspended for saving the life of another student? Last Tuesday morning, 7th grader Briar MacLean was sitting in class.  It was a study period.  Read more […]

Flag Stomping Teacher Paid Over $100,000 To Resign

Scott Compton was an English teacher at Chapin High School in Chapin, South Carolina.  He is also known for being an outspoken liberal and has been warned about keeping his political views out of the classroom. However, last December, Compton let his liberalism loose in three of his classes when he took the American flag down and stomped on it in front of his students.  He told them that it’s just a piece of cloth and that it doesn’t mean anything.  A number of parents were upset when they Read more […]

8th Grader Suspended and Arrested For Wearing Second Amendment T-shirt

Jared Marcum is an 8th grade student at Logan Middle School in West Virginia.  Protecting his Second Amendment rights is important to the young man.  When he got dressed for school the other day, he put on a brown NRA t-shirt that read: ‘NRA – Protect Your Rights’ along with an image of an assault-style rifle. When Jared got to school, one of his teachers told him that he had to take his shirt off because of the gun on shirt.  Jared refused, explaining that it is his First Amendment right Read more […]

Santa Suspended From School Because of Facebook Post

John George III attends Crawford County High School in Georgia.  He and a couple friends planned on showing up for the last day of school before Christmas break dressed as Santa Clause and two elves.  The day prior to the appearance of Santa and the elves, John posted the following on his Facebook page: “Students of cchs ur in for a big surprise tomorrow <let the games begin>” The parent of another student saw the post and thought it was alarming so they notified the local police.  Read more […]