School’s Zero Tolerance Policy Treats Words as Drugs

A student was foolish enough to 1) use drugs, 2) write about it in personal journal, and 3) lose the journal at her school. As a result, the school authorities got hold of her personal notebook. The school then, 1) punished the student as if she had been caught with drugs, and 2) refused to allow her father to see or read the journal because “as evidence” they claimed it was now their exclusive private property. Tim Cushing recounts the story at the TechDirt blog. Yes, the school Read more […]

Cowardocracy Repulsed! School Backs Down After Suspending Student for BB Gun that He DID NOT Bring to School

KWWL – Eastern Iowa Breaking News, Weather, Closings I have posted several times on how America is a cowardocracy at almost every level of society and government. But I never realized how long its reach had grown. The Reason blog reports that a student was suspended who did not have a bb gun on school grounds. As you probably know, I think “gun free zones” at schools are disastrous. They are invitations to psychotic killers to feel free to commit mass murder because no one will be able Read more […]

Hello Kitty Bubble Gun Gets Kindergartner Suspended

When I was kid, we often played cowboys and Indians or cops and robbers, where we were always shooting at each other with our toy cap guns or pointing fingers.  When I was in high school, it was common for a number of students to have a gun rack in their trucks and one or two rifles in the gun rack.  No one thought anything about it, nor do I ever recall any reports of stolen guns. Today, too many Americans are getting paranoid about anything to do with guns.  After the tragedy of Sandy Hook, Read more […]