Parody Twitter Account User Gets Settlement for SWAT Raid

Peoria must pay out $125,000 because the mayor felt he had the right to use the police force against a parody Twitter account. Back in April of 2014, Mark Horne posted about how the police raided the home of a parody Twitter account that mocked the mayor. The mayor was the driving force behind the raid. He basically used the police as his personal palace guard. Now it seems that the taxpayers of Peoria are going to have to pay out. At, we read: Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis’ illegal retaliation Read more […]

Mother, Children, Terrorized by Police by Mistake

She was naked, clutching her children, and praying as her fiancé was also terrorized by police. I guess Marianne Diaz should count herself lucky that no one in her household was shot dead, while lying face down. CBS Boston reports, “SWAT Team Raids Wrong Worcester Home, Residents Say.” Marianne Diaz and her fiancé, Bryant Alequin, felt their lives were in danger when a SWAT team raided their third-floor apartment on Hillside Street with guns drawn. Diaz says she grabbed her seven-year-old Read more […]

Unless This Man Is a Liar, You Live in a Police State

A police state is a place where you can have guns pointed at your head because someone made a phone call about you. Surely Alex Horton must be lying. We can’t possibly live in a police state. Right? The Washington Post must be publishing lies. Horton claims he had guns pointed at his head because of a leak in his dishwasher. Of course, there were more steps than that. Horton’s landlord knew the leaks would take time to fix so he moved Horton from his apartment to another model apartment Read more […]

Million Dollar Settlement for Police Raid: Not Enough

A police raid that left a baby’s face disfigured and caused over a million dollars in medical debt got settled for a mere million dollars. Normally, when I hear someone won a million dollar settlement from a local government I think of it as if the person had just won the lottery. This time, the police who raided a house when they should have known there was a child present are the ones have just won a lottery. The taxpayers of Habersham County, Georgia, will be forced to pay up and Read more […]

Police State Rising: SWAT Teams Occupy America

No good thing can come from the overuse of SWAT Teams. Since a major report about the overuse of flash bang grenades, and the damage they do, was published recently, it is interesting that the Week also published a feature on “The Troubling Rise of SWAT Teams.” In Tomkins County, New York, earlier this month, as many as 150 police officers from no less than 18 law enforcement agencies engaged in a three-day standoff at a family home. Their goal? To arrest one David M. Cady Jr., who had Read more […]

Being Disfigured by Fire a Just Penalty for 0.1 Oz Marijuana?

A woman never got her day in court before getting disfigured by fire from a police grenade. Any time you discuss the penalties that are imposed in some Muslim countries you usually find most Americans, whether Christian or not, blame Islam. The reason why a thief (a repeat offender) can get his hand cut off is because that is what Allah demands. So is stealing a less-serious or more-serious crime than possessing one tenth of an ounce of marijuana? Yesterday got on the bandwagon Read more […]

Police Abuse Means Over $1 Million Debt for Baby’s Treatment

Parents of wounded infant due to police abuse are burdened with more than $1 million in medical bills. If you remember, the police abused the baby by throwing a flash grenade into the house. A baby was sleeping in the living room and the grenade landed in his bed with him. And now we have an update from ABC News: “Family of Toddler Injured by SWAT ‘Grenade’ Faces $1M in Medical Bills.” Alecia and Bounkham Phonesavanh never imagined their family would be at the center of a controversy Read more […]

Feeling Suicidal? Please Call Us to Come Kill You.

Man called suicide prevention hotline because he was feeling suicidal. They sent a SWAT team who shot and killed the man seven hours later. This is the creepiest, most Orwellian video monologue I have ever seen. It is like a combination of Monte Python’s “The Meaning of Life, and Terry Gilliam’s “Brazil.” Except it is all too real! Wow. The Detective actually exhorts people to use the suicide hotline even while acknowledging that it, uh, backfired for this man. “We encourage those having Read more […]

Police Cowardice Makes Them a Greater Evil than Other Criminals

Official police cowardice means it is better to sacrifice the innocent to death and maiming than risk a police officer’s life. Look, I get it. Being a police officer today can be a thankless job. Even when you do the right and necessary thing, mindless minions in the culture and their media-savvy figureheads might decide to turn the criminal you had to take down into a martyr. At that point, you find yourself vilified by a bunch of people who don’t care a whit about justice—they simply Read more […]

Thief Steals SUV Then Police Execute Victim in Home

When someone is robbed of their motor vehicle, the authorities are supposed to retrieve it, not provide fodder for a “police execute victim” headline. But that is what happened. Not only that, the thief was the one who sent the armed gang of police to the home where they killed the husband of the household. East Dublin, Georgia, residents, David and Teresa Hooks, had their SUV stolen from their driveway and their house burglarized. So when Teresa saw an SUV pull into her driveway Read more […]

Judge Sides With Mayor’s Police Raid of Parody Twitter Account

Back in April I posted, “Banana Republic in Peoria, Illinois: Police Sent after Parody Twitter Account.” Now we have an update and the news is not good. The Guardian reports: The police hadn’t even come for him. When four fully-armed officers of a Swat team burst into Jacob Elliott’s house in Peoria, Illinois in April they were looking for the source of a parody Twitter feed that had upset the town’s mayor by poking fun at him. It transpired that one of Elliott’s housemates, Read more […]

Police without Body Armor: Let It Become a Trend!

Editorial note: Sadly this relative calm in Ferguson did not last long. See update here. After nights of pictures and footage of police in full body armor in Ferguson, Missouri, we were greeted to stories like this headline at “Ferguson Tensions Ease as Police Ditch Armor.” It wasn’t just about ditching the armor, as wonderful as that was. It was also about different behavior. The police walked among the rest of the people as if they weren’t a separate class. After several Read more […]