Free Tampons Are a Matter of Justice

To understand how stupid we are getting (especially in California), consider this state legislator’s tweet: This is a step to fix this gender injustice.Hopefully one day these items will be free #NoTaxOnTampons #TamponsForAll #TamponTax #Luxury — Cristina Garcia (@AsmGarcia) January 4, 2016 Let’s deal with the tax-free part first. Despite the odious rhetoric of “justice” and “equality” and the gender politics, there is no way I’m going to oppose a sales tax reduction or exemption. Read more […]

MSNBC’s Response To The Tea Party: The Tampon Party

I remember seeing a YouTube video a few years ago when the whole Tea Party thing started in earnest. The video featured a man clad in “Founding Father”-style garb, complete with the tri-cornered hat and talking in a British accent. He encouraged viewers to take tea bags and send them to their elected representatives to “send a message.” I thought it was rather silly, and not to mention wasteful of tea bags. (However, I do prefer loose leaf, so I guess I didn’t really care much about that Read more […]