Target Raises Wages because of Market Pressure, not Politics

Should activists congratulate themselves when Target raises wages? Not much. Target stores have announced that they are raising their lowest wage to nine dollars an hour. Since the story at the Wall Street Journal site is tucked behind a paywall, I have to rely on’s summary: “Target Hikes Minimum Pay to $9.” What is noteworthy about the piece is that it submerges the substantial reason for Target’s decision in the midst of a great deal of verbiage designed Read more […]

Is There a Reason So Many Retail CEOs are Moving On?

A large number of retail CEOs are leaving their companies. Retail spending is up we are told, but is it up enough and consistently enough for big retailers to recover and survive? Some of the retail news seems ambiguous. We have an increase in spending but Black Friday was lackluster (see this report, for example). Are retailers feeling economic pressure and, as a result, moving on to other jobs? This Forbes headline mentions Abercrombie, Walgreens, and Target. But the content tells of Read more […]

The Reign of Fear: What It Means That Ex-Employee Claims He Was Fired for Reporting Deputy’s Theft

All we have in this Washington Post story are conflicting claims. Nothing has gone to court yet. Nothing has been adjudicated. But, in my opinion, the man who was fired from Target is telling what every single reader will acknowledge is a plausible story. So, whether or not it really happened, the fact that we live in a society that finds this story plausible tells us something about the society we live in. The spokeswoman for the Target store in Leesburg, Virginia claims that former loss prevention Read more […]

More Fallout From The Affordable Care Act: Target Ends Health Insurance For Part-Time Employees

Once again we have a situation where Obamacare, rather than provide insurance to those who were not covered, is taking away coverage that people had and forcing them into new plans. From Target is the latest retail giant to drop health coverage for part-time employees, citing changes under the health care law and low participation in its company health plans. The company Tuesday night announced a plan to transition employees working fewer than 30 hours a week onto Obamacare health Read more […]

The Grinch that Stole Thanksgiving

My wife hates Christmas. Well, okay, that’s not quite true. My wife hates that Christmas trumps Thanksgiving. Every year, immediately following the Halloween promotions, stores and businesses gear up for Christmas. Trees and garland replace pumpkins and spider webs. Fall sales are quickly changed to Christmas or (more likely) holiday sales. Christmas music fills the radio airwaves for almost two full months as the Christmas push gets longer and longer. And except for being the day before Black Read more […]