How to Push the Democrats Over the Fiscal Cliff

In “All Clear,” Episode 19 of Foyle’s War, Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle’s son Andrew returns home from the war. Andrew was an RAF pilot. Many of his fellow-fliers were killed. He was one of the few that made it back, and he wonders why. This was typical of returning soldiers. “Why me?,” they often asked. His father remarks, “Perhaps you were the better pilot.” Andrew disagrees. He tells his father that the better pilots were predictable. The Germans expected Read more […]

Why Talking about ‘Tax Cuts’ is Not a Good Campaign Issue But It’s Necessary

There is little incentive for nearly 50 percent of the population to care about a reduction in taxes since they are the beneficiaries of high taxes. A reduction in taxes would mean a reduction in what they get through wealth transfer payments. If the tax reduction argument is used, it must be explained in a way that shows it’s a benefit to everyone. But even this is difficult since politicians live on confiscated money in order to buy votes so they can stay in office. In addition, millions of Read more […]