Tax Exempt Organizations Fight to Hide Donors from Government

Tax Exempt Organizations have asked the Supreme Court to give them relief from California’s prying eyes. We all know now that a single political donation can get a CEO fired from the company he founded. That is why Mark Horne argued that the IRS should be abolished on First and Fourth Amendment grounds. The lesson here is that the plundering done by the IRS is not their worst feature. If all they did was loot us, we would be immeasurably better off. The IRS is another form of the NSA. They Read more […]

Democrat Blaming IRS Victims Like Blaming Rape Victims for Being Raped

How many times have you heard people say that a rape victim is not really a victim because of the way she was dressed? Somehow the rapist is justified in raping a woman because she wouldn’t really “want it” if she hadn’t dressed a certain way. She was “asking for it.” Does this mean that a thief is not responsible for stealing money he sees in a cash drawer? Or a person who leaves a long and deep scratch on a Mercedes or BMW is not responsible for the envy he feels? Democrat Congressman Read more […]