13 Tax Increases Just Went Into Effect – Obama: “I Won’t Raise Taxes on Middle Class America”

If I had $100 for every time I heard Barack Obama promise us that he would not raise taxes on middle class Americans, I could afford to take my family on a Hawaiian vacation. Between the fiscal cliff resolution which wasn’t a resolution after all, and Obamacare, there are 13 new tax increases that will directly or indirectly impact everyone in America, including the middle and poverty class people. Taxes with a direct impact on the middle and poverty class: 1.  Right off the bat, the Read more […]

Media Turns Good News Into Bad, And Blames Republicans

The good news is simple enough: consumers are cutting back in their spending. This may not be pleasant for some people because they want to sell more stuff. But their welfare is not the general welfare. The general welfare is obvious: people need to spend less and save more. The Guardian reports: “Retailers pulled stocks lower Wednesday as US markets reopened following the Christmas holiday. The Dow Jones industrial average fell 49 points to 13,090 as of noon. The Standard & Poor’s 500 index Read more […]