IRS as Big Brother: Social Security Numbers

Many times this blog has covered how the state and federal governments try to spy on, harass, and intimidate conservatives by forcing conservative organizations to turn in information about their donors. Now, The Daily Signal reports, “The IRS Wants Organizations to Collect Donors’ Social Security Numbers. This Tea Party Group Is Fighting Back.” A Tea Party organization is mobilizing its supporters nationwide in an attempt to stymie a proposed regulation from the Internal Revenue Service regarding Read more […]

Tea Party Revolution in Kentucky

A GOP victory is a surprise but a tea party revolution is a “shock.” The media thinks it is quite shocking. The headline at the Kentucky Herald-Leader admits it: “Matt Bevin shocks Jack Conway to become next governor of Kentucky.” He never led until the end, and that’s when it counted. Republican Matt Bevin, who trailed in every public poll since winning the Republican primary in May by 83 votes, shocked Democrat Jack Conway on Tuesday to become the next governor of Kentucky. With help Read more […]

The Boehner Conflict Was about Goals and Values, not Tactics

While the media portrays the Boehner conflict as a division over strategy and a willingness to be “realistic,” it was really about an agenda. Michael A. Needham, the CEO of Heritage Action for America, has written about the Boehner conflict for Politico. His piece is a needed corrective to the media’s false story. An excerpt: The friction of the last several years has not been about differences in tactics. It has been about deep and irreconcilable disagreements over the goals the GOP should Read more […]

The Republican Problem Goes Beyond Trump

Trump grabs most of the attention right now, but the Republican problem shows up in the popularity of other candidates as well. Mark Horne argued passionately that, rather than “damaging” the Republican Party, Trump is simply the damage that was caused by others. If he’s right, it is worth pointing out that Trump is not the only damage we are seeing. The Republican problem is demonstrated in other candidates. This was pointed out in an article in The Hill: “Outsiders take over the Read more […]

Hillary Clinton Donors and Jeb Bush Donors Are the Same People

It seems that Hillary Clinton donors and Jeb Bush donors don’t care much which of the two of them wins, as long as one of them does. Mark Horne has written about how easily George Bush and Bill Clinton get along. We also find that Hillary Clinton is perfectly acceptable to the financial elite as a speaker when George Bush can’t make a scheduled (and highly paid) speaking event. If you needed confirmation for what you might guess on the basis of such stories, here it is from the Daily Beast: Read more […]

Juan Williams Encourages Republican Leaders to Keep Betraying Base

As far as Juan Williams is concerned, the problem is the Tea Party. Juan Williams has written an editorial that makes no sense to me: The late July poll found only 32 percent of voters holding a “favorable impression” of the GOP and 60 percent taking an “unfavorable view.” An early July Gallup poll also finds the Republican Party struggling for its footing on a steep downward slope, with only a 35 percent approval rating. The biggest surprise is Pew’s finding that the slide in GOP Read more […]

Chamber of Commerce Out for Revenge over Ex-Im Bank

The Chamber of Commerce has decided to start working for the defeat of conservatives in Congress. Others have written before on this blog about the open war between moneyed Republicans and the Tea Party, and especially between the Chamber of Commerce and the Tea Party. Another chapter in that story of battle and betrayal has come upon us as the Chamber of Commerce swears vengeance over the defeated, crony-capitalist Ex-Im Bank. The Ex-Im Bank, remember, used taxpayer subsidized loans to provide Read more […]

Jeb Bush is Failing with Moderates, Conservatives, and Donors

After months of an unofficial campaign, Jeb Bush is starting his official one weaker than Mitt Romney was when he started for 2012. There is a pretty fascinating column in The Upshot blog at the New York Times. Nate Cohn writes of Jeb Bush, He has not won the invisible primary, the behind-the-scenes competition for elite support that often decides the nomination, and he has not even emerged as a favorite of the party’s large block of more moderate voters. He starts in a weaker position than Read more […]

IRS Lawyers Get New Job as White House Advisors

Group complains that there are no provisions to prevent these former IRS lawyers from using private information about taxpayers and Tea Party groups. When Lois Lerner used her position to select and target Tea Party organizations for special scrutiny and abusive treatment, she did not act alone. She had lawyers helping with her plan. The IRS has lawyers after all, and their role for the IRS is similar to that of lawyers for the NSA devising ways to claim that the Patriot Act authorizes bulk data Read more […]

Tea Party Betrayal Is Complete in the GOP Congress

The Republicans are now openly calling for massive spending increases making their Tea Party betrayal obvious to all. It wasn’t that long ago that, when Rand Paul said that we shouldn’t increase spending now in exchange for promises of future spending cuts, he sounded like a Republican. So what is going on? The recent headline from The Hill might as well announce, “The Tea Party betrayal by Republicans is now complete!” What it actually says is: “Washington is ready to spend.” Washington Read more […]

When Do We Stop Fighting Each Other and Fight the Enemy?

African Americans and Tea Party Conservatives would both be better off to stop fighting each other and to help each other instead. Will there come a day when we realize we’re fighting a common foe? (Thanks to the Personal Liberty website for the cartoon.) The sad thing is that those represented on the left… feel the oppression is because the wrong people have power (funny, since all of the major uprisings and problems have been in Democratic strongholds, but… I digress), while those Read more […]

Arrested Tea Party “Terrorist” Vindicated in Court

A woman arrested and abused for being Tea Party wins her lawsuit! Sometimes a bad story about our government and so-called “law enforcement” ends well! It ends even better when the mainstream media (in this case, the Associated Press) carries the story. It all began back in July 2009 in Westhampton Beach on eastern Long Island.  Nancy Genovese went to Gabreski Airport Air National Guard base. Outside the base was a helicopter on display. She wanted to take pictures of it for a “Support Read more […]